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Turtle 2 Release candidate 2

Тема в разделе "Turtle", создана пользователем -, 23 авг 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Turtle 2 Release candidate 2 was just released. Please download it from


    See below for release notes:

    Bug fixes:

    * Made texture loading more memory efficient.
    * Fixed crash bug with texture filtering.
    * More efficient file loading.
    * Fixed transparency issue in Ocean shader.
    * Fixed shared fg / occ / photon map file locking issue.
    * Fixed Linux / Mac surface transfer crash bug.
    * Fixed Ocean Material crash bug.
    * Fixed memory leak due to NURBS and instance updates in animation.
    * Suppressed creation of light profile attributes for all nodes except point lights.
    * Fixed problem with flipped normals, reflections and FG.
    * Fixed crash bug with animated visibility.
    * Fixed shadow color bug.
    * Fixed "look through selected" problem.
    * Fixed problems with occlusion baking.
    * Fixed crash bug with "Large Scene" and baking.
    * Fixed problems with repeated and tiled displacement textures.
    * Fixed bug with TIFFs and associated alphas.
    * Fixed bug with the projection node's alpha channel.
    * Removed annoying popup when running out of memory on Windows.


    * Added surface thickness node.
    * Added advanced settings for ray tracing.
    * Added support for Maya Cloth cache in batch rendering
Модераторы: Moderator.

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