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    Changes in RC3 from RC2 Bugfixes:

    Crashes: • Fixed crash bug with surface transfer and 3d textures.
    • Fixed problem when connecting certain attributes in the Anisotropic shader
    • Correct handling of the -imageName flag
    Memory Leaks:
    • Fixed memory leak when using multiple UV sets
    • Fixed memory leak in texture handling.
    • Fixed texture filtering problem in surface transfer and baking.
    • Fixed bug with baking of displacement mapped surfaces.
    • Fixed bug with "Render as Subdiv" and multiple uv-sets for baking.
    • Fixed AE state for baking and surface transfer.
    • Fixed support for anisotropic reflectivity and made specular highlights from area lights more correct.
    • Fixed displacement holes
    • Clamped decay rate for lights making the intensity never go larger than the selected intensity.
    • Fixed reflection recursion problem causing glossy reflections to be too expensive.
    Ambient Occlusion:
    • Fixed occlusion prepass for reflections
    • Fixed problem with ambient occlusion and triangles with vertex normals paralell with the triangle plane.
    • Fixed bug with saving/loading of occlusion map files.
    Lights / Camera / Geometry:
    • Fixed instanced lights (they now behave as mr).
    • Better exclusion of hidden geometry. • Fixed nurbs instance bug.
    • Fixed problem when using scaling on the camera matrix.
    • Fixed performance problem when using nurbs and subd-surface instances.
    • Fixed bug with deletion of tesselated nurbs.
    UI / Command Line Render
    • Error checking when saving IFF images.
    • Fixed bug with image format types and command line render.
    • Attribute Editor and selection doesn't change when rendering.
    • Fixed bug with Maya forgetting what is selected after a render.
    • Fixed bug with imported scenes and dynamic attributes.
    • Made a modification to temporary file names to avoid conflicts on shared disks.
    • Fixed adding of dynamic attributes.
    • Fixed problem with old Maya files Features:
    • Added settings for rgb/alpha scale in baking editor.
    • Added support for IL_LICENSE_DIR setting that allows the license system to look in all files in an entire directory.
    • Added new criterions to the ray sampler and the surface transfer node. Now one can choose to let the ray sampler choose according to the normals as well.
    • Added support for bump mapping and min/max color in ilrOccSampler.
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    Когда же под 7-ку сделают...
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    не говори, скрей бы уж...
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