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Turtle 2.0 gold released

Тема в разделе "Turtle", создана пользователем Generic, 28 сен 2005.

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  1. Generic

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    Illuminate Labs is now shipping the next generation of its photorealistic raytracer - Turtle 2 - that brings unparalleled speed, ease of use and quality output to demanding CG-artists.

    Changes in Gold from RC3
    • Added support for deleting all Turtle stuff from a scene.
    • Added Ashikhmin Shirley shader.
    • Added envelope/shell to surface transfer
    • Added support for using TSB per face in ilrRaySampler,
    normalMapper and STE.
    • Added override to ignore light links.
    • Added baking of multiple objects to one texture.
    • Fixed bug in resolution / aspect ratio calculation.
    • Fixed functions writing TIFF. Didn't clamp negative color
    values resulting in wrap around.
    • Fixed bad ray differentials in large scene, making textures
    look bad when using filtering.
    • Fixed bugs with surface transfer and displacement output.
    • Fixed 2D motion blur bug. Camera is now updated correctly.
    • Fixed bugs causing exploding colors in area light highlights
    • Fixed filtering for surface transfer.
    • Fixed bugs with multiple UV sets / baking and multiple UV
    sets / surface transfer.
    • Fixed surface transfer with hidden objects. All objects will
    now be taken into account, no matter if they are hidden or
    • Fixed saving of layout in baking and surface transfer editors.
    • Fixed crash bug with multi-threaded baking.
    • Enabled support for overriding shadow and glossy ray
    • Fixed inherited transform for placement3d textures
    • Fixed the tangent basis calculation.
    • Fixed bug with animated image planes with image file type.
    • Fixed large scene / displacement bugs.
    • Fixed problems with 2D motion blur and shadow maps.
    • Fixed subdivision bug.
    • Clamped decay rate for light sources.
    • Improved the texture loading, more memory efficient.
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