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Turtle 1.1 Bump

Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 9 мар 2005.

Модераторы: Dark™, Skif
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    Что-то Туртль 1,1 не хочет понимать бамп. Может кто сталкивался, как это побороть?
  2. Guest

    В Черепашке есть свой бамп, да еще какой - рекомендую - посмотри доки по ней для начала и туторы(все это берется там-же, где и Черепаха).

    .......... Выдержка из Доков...............:
    "Bump and Normal map
    There are three bump texture nodes added, supporting TIFF, TGA, IFF and JPEG file textures. They support
    standard TIFF files with up to 32 bit/channel, in order to achieve high quality bump maps within Maya. The bump
    nodes are very similar to the ilrDisplace and ilrMultiDisplace nodes in layout and function.
    Note: ilrBump and ilrMultiBump does not work with Maya's procedural shaders as input.
    There are currently three bump nodes in Turtle:
    • ilrBump. A bump shader. Handles 32/16/8 bit .tiff textures.
    • ilrMultiBump. A bump shader specially designed for ZBrush's Multi Displace plug-in.
    • ilrNormalBump. A new bump shader that uses normal maps instead of height maps. Handles 32/16/8 bit
    .tiff textures. ilrNormalBump support normal maps in both World and Tangent space.
    The ilrBump and ilrMultiBump support parallax bump mapping. Parallax mapping is a way to fake displacement
    mapping by perturbing the UV coordinates according to the bump map. This is visualized in the following images.
    29 No parallax
    30 With parallax
    As seen in the images, the checker texture is perturbed, which makes it look more correct.
    Note: Parallax only works when the color channel of the material is mapped to a non-uniform texture, i.e. not a
    solid color. It also requires continuous UV mapping.
    All the nodes are plugged in at the Turtle roll-out in the material tab.
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Модераторы: Dark™, Skif

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