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Требуются работники 3D

Тема в разделе "Вакансии и поиск работы", создана пользователем -, 29 дек 2000.

  1. Guest

    Вот такое сообщение появилось на max3d.com:

    Hello all-

    We're in the midst of production on Master of Orion III for Hasbro/Microprose (A Galactic Strategy Game) and we have immediate short-term need for a 3D artist to do some contract work.

    What you would be doing:

    1.) Building Spaceship models, In MAX, based on design drawings given to you.

    2.) Texturing said Spaceship models based on color guides provided to you.

    3.) Getting paid, and getting your name in the credits of the game.

    We're looking for people who know their stuff, who are fast, and also want to make something that visually stands out from the leigon of bad CG sci-fi that populates the computer game market. This is a short-term contract position, with the possibility of it becoming long-term, on-site employment. If you're located in Southern California, it's a plus, but not required.

    For more information, or to send your resume' and samples. contact:

    Rantz Hoseley
    Art Director
    Quicksilver Software, Inc.

  2. Guest

    Ну и?
    Работа классная, но нигде н енаписано, что оно можно по почте.
    Не все же в Северной Каролине живут
  3. Guest

    Дык сказано что проживание в Северной Каролине - это плюс, но если нет, то тоже не плохо

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