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To Vladimir

Тема в разделе "Графика в фильмах", создана пользователем -, 11 сен 2002.

Модераторы: Артер
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    But how come you can spend so much time in forums reading and writing answers ??? It looks kind a strange ... you are such a pro in post, you know everything ...


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    Что странного-то? Есть канал дома - за свободное время надо отчитываться?
    В офисе я не обедаю - могу поторчать в сетке. Суммарно - не так и много времени. Учитесь быстро печатать.
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    He used to pick the brain by talking to people when everything just started and was totally new to most of us. He knew no more than anyone else. Later on, we've kept exploring new horizons of the industry but he just got stuck in the same old inner self-promoting. For a quick example, see how he rejects any feasibility of any negative respond to "his work". Anything that might be constructive or defined to notice a flaw in "his work" is non-acceptable by him. He preps the upcoming word-battle with anyone who's disagreed with him by putting out remarks about his past and making sure that everyone must understand it otherwise he will spend more time on the internet (including this site) to qualifying himself to tsar of Russia’s movie industry. He's been noticed in being extremely desperate and anxious to get there, to fill that spot in. He hates any remark from any of you, which would be an alternative to his line of persuasion. Like someone said: "He assumes he knows how to converse with people, but the only thing comes out of his mouth is persuasion, persuasion, persuasion..." That makes it even worse then Jack-of-all-Trades tries to get laid with Cinderella. Poor judgment of listeners mixed with out-dated information brought to you by Bob The Ding-Dong brings a full-fledge disaster (rather to say a misdirection) to any utterly under-civilized society. What we need is less bull-shitters like him and more positive hiring and internship for young and full of enthusiasm people. His life-cycle is way long passed and he obviously doesn't want to become an industry's reject that is why he will do whatever it takes to get rid of anyone who can possibly be better than he is. He will give you a backhand, slap-in-a-face, stub-in-a-back just to keep his own afloat and unsinkable. People! Get a Life! I don't care if you hate or like your daily routine and live at a poverty level or rich and famous. I only know that the negativity that bursts from any of his posts is really no-no-no good to any of us. That's why my voice shows up anywhere if I see some pathetic piece of scum is trying to scum free as well as to look "legitimate"..... Sorry, but my state of mind is not just ignoring it, but also rejecting and ejecting it.
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    Yes, I agree with the prev post. And I knew that someone would say this right in the face of this man. But that was said in English and Vladimir did not understand it though he always says he's a member of Siggraph and handshakes everyone there and knows every member very good. But, I doubt it. It's a crap. Maybe he wrote once an email to a VIP of Siggraph and even got a response and now he tells everywhere that he knows every man in the industry and something like "<...> I talked with Spielberg yesterday and he accepted that umpstudio is a very great Russia project and that he himself is going to retire 'cause he's no even a runner-up with such a great top-notch studio <...>" Let's face it Vladimir. If you're a GOOD member of Siggraph you should know the English very well to talk to ppl there but the prev post was posted at 22:50 and now is 13:00 of the next day and no response from you!!! Or you have a day-off? Or something? Every time when there's even a mention of your name on this forum - bams - and the next second after that post there's a huge "explanation" of yours to that member why he's a real @!#$. In real life I fancy Vladimir is no good than anyone else on this forum. More than that I guess that he can't show us his work for he's no works. No good works. No great works. He's no site, no portfolio he can show. He's a crap. He's not a big shot in the umpstudio and his attitude is all against it but he can do nothing. And he's only dreaming about it. He's sick. He's really sick. These ppl should sit at home or at sanitarium with guards. They spoil the lives of good ppl. And you all should know that when you write something against him and you have your email in your post... be ware! Vladimir immediately responds and writes you something like "<...> I recommend you to not meet me in real life! <...>" He's scaring to death and he thinks that it works but the ppl just began to write the same things anonymous. He-he! Vladimir! You're a real @!#$ and can't talk with ppl right and you have no works to show! I really hope that I spoil your life even only for a minute with this post!!!! When I have some time I'll translate this (and the prev post) into Russian to show this to everyone on this forum and of course to you for you didn't understand a thing here I guess! :D
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    to UPYOZ & z :

    Exactly what i was thinking :D I'm workin 10 - 12 hours a day and don't have
    a 1/10 of time Vladimir is speding in a forums ... doh - and he says - learn to type
    faster ... well - that's why he is posting so much bull%@it in forums !!! Actually
    he does not care what he posts - he learned to type fast :pPP What a dork ...


    P.S. to Vladimir - screw HD. It sucks !
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    Where are you from,guess_who?
  7. Guest

  8. Guest

    Vladimir is really well-known CG artist.
    O.my god!!!
    Everybody on west knows him!!!!!
  9. Guest

    yee - we just love him ;P
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    С какой стати члены SIGGRAPH должны знать английский???? Бред! Сотни тысяч членов Special Interest Group (SIG) ACM разбросаны ПО ВСЕМУ ЗЕМНОМУ ШАРУ!. Никто российским, сингапурским или алжирским членам SIGGRAPH не ставил НИКАКИХ условий.
    В 90-м году, когда я был членом первой конференции по компьютерной графике GRAPHICON, мы ее готовили вместе с SIGGRAPH ACM. Президент ACM Джон Уайт, а также возглавлявший тогда SIGGRAPH Бранко Геровац и практически все руководство SIGGRAPH были у нас в Москве и члены оргкомитета стали в тогда же членами SIGGRAPH. Что еще надо?

    Можете продолжать нести свой бред дальше. Неинтересно.
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    yep - just typed something in and left this discusion. Not interesting for him ...
    By by "Otec russkovo kinematografa" :p

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    Мужыки а по русски можно писать???? или не модно нынче???
  13. Guest

    Можно и по-русски
    Говорят,что Соколов вовсе не отец русской КГ, а так болтунишка.
    Но я с ними не согласен.на самом деле он вовсе не маленький болтунишка
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    ну чхать че говорят то ...... главно что мы его считаем отцом русской КГ да и ладна ;-)
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    Злопыхателей-то появилось однако...
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    прямо пропорционально почитатялям :))
  17. Guest

    народ хорошь на языке потенциального противника бачить... чай не америкосы. не по языку форум в конце концов.
  18. Guest

    potencialnogo protivnika????????
    ti chto v bunkere poslednie 13 let prosidel?????
  19. Guest

    вот парни не пожалели тоже времени!
    супержестокие посты на нерусском языке!

    интересно чем вам этот чел насолил так сильно?

    даже если всё, о чём вы написАли - правда,

    то серьёзный мэн отнесётся к упомянутому персонажу
    как к безобидному графоману, не более
    и только посмеётся :О)

    а откуда столько злости-то?

    постить это немилосердно
    что на русском что на неруском
    здесь не все тупые

    ЗЫ а мож лучше про 3д графику в фильмах побакланим?

    а на месте Владимира я бы всё же парочку работ выкинул в сеть для посмотреть (только не клип "Когда я был большим" :)))
  20. Guest

    Как я работы должен пихать в сеть????
    Проще шибко любопытным сидеть и смотреть титры, где наша группа visual fx представлена пофамильно. За последние два года "Башмачник", "Хозяин "Империи", "Семейные тайны", "Закон", "Неудача Пуаро", трейлер "Антикиллер" и проч., клипы "Моя певица" Мумия Троля, Витуса, Аниты Цой и еще ок. десятка других. Спецэффекты для фильма Митты "Раскаленная суббота". Сейчас в производстве - "Приключения мага", "Спасатель" и еще 3 проекта. Возможно совместное участие с другими группами visual fx из других компаний в проекте "Ночной дозор". И все это - неполный перечень. Мелкие работы просто не в счет.

    И что, теперь сидеть и делать демки? А для чего? Я не ищу новое рабочее место. Ну, а заказами на большие проекты с visual fx наша компания заполнена до 2004-го года. Повторяю вопрос - ДЛЯ ЧЕГО демки?
Модераторы: Артер

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