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thanks @ all, but!

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 6 июл 2004.

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    thank's for your help but i dont need the bongo beta software.
    if i try to install Bongo Beta, he ask me for a cd key.

    read this posting from bongo's newsgroup, please

    Question from a Bongo User:
    Why is bongo asking for my cd key? The download asked for my rhino3 cd key
    which I have. I don't have a bongo cd key. Why would it ask for that? Any

    Answer from the Bongo Coder:
    Because we're testing the CD-key system. The download page will have sent a
    Bongo CD-key to your email address.

    now i have only two options
    1. i can find (no blacklisted) Rhino3 cd key
    2. i can find a bongo cd key

    hmmm i think: Huston we have a problem :D

    sorry for my bad english
    Santa Fu
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    sorry wrong place

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