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Stupid Faker

Тема в разделе "Cinema 4D", создана пользователем -, 18 окт 2004.

  1. Guest

    Got one Stupid Faker (it's german)

    ed2k://|file|Kein Fake !!! Serial Cinema 4D Release 9 !!! STUPID FAKER pleas DL IT.doc|30208|66222fe0285ecb9c1ec242e764fbe371|

    this a *doc. with faked serials BUT also WITH information about this guy who wrote it, with his adress, his telephone number .... Soooo maybe everybody send this STUPID FAKER a sms and SCARE HIM ... scare him that he NEVER again thinks about faking something

    "Martin Tдnzer", is his name ..
  2. Guest

    Yeah!!! You rock!!! :) KILL THIS GUY!!!! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!
    How have you got this information? I also want kick some fakers in their ass!! :)

  3. Guest

    i just saw that this file was bigger than the other files with the same name ! than i saw that it's a *.doc file and than i downloaded it !! :) (eDonkey2000)

    its so easy :) when there are stupid fakers like this one :)
  4. Guest

    SHUT UP, Big Natal, SHUT UP!

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