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Rhino 4.0 WIP serial number

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 16 окт 2004.

  1. Guest

    Can someone tell me where i can find serial number for rhino 4.0 WIP.
    I just downloaded rhino from Mcneals ftp.
    Marko, Serbia
  2. Guest

  3. Guest

    I know that you've got probles to run the rhino4. the group node... how do you resolve it? where is the "tools... license manager.... group node...dialog..ok......" i donґt find it, please help me.

    I run mcneilLm.exe but, the screen say " you beta version has been expired"????

  4. Guest

  5. Guest

    thanks guys
    if you need something for rhino just ask!
  6. Guest

    > if you need something for rhino just ask!

    Do you have anything from the list of rhino marine design plugins? I'm about the hull design
  7. Guest

    Do you have Bongo full version?, if yes, how I can find it?, do you send me it?
  8. Guest

    Please write here what plugins have you...of course if you want :)
  9. Guest

    Right now i don't have almost anything, but i can contact ny friend from Italy beacouse he got almost every staff that you need. He just finished yahting design and everythnig that he done was made in rhino.
    Probabaly i can manage to put that things to my FTP and ai wiil give you informaton when you cad download all that.
  10. Guest

    Thanks a lot. We’ll wait for further info
  11. Guest

    Hi Marko!
    Have you "Lino"?
  12. Guest

    run instal using serial
    and...go to tools license manager ..workgroup node
    you got message...clic .. ok.... cancel ...cancel..and rino works
    you need to do this every time you start...rhino

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