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Rhino 3.0 Bonus Tools Beta 2 !!!

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 25 фев 2004.

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    Now Downloading: Rhino 3.0 Bonus Tools Beta 2 , from ftp2.mcneel.com ...

    -------->>> 7.19 MB
    8-0 !!!

    Get it

    46 new features in version 2 includes !!!
  2. Skovorodka[TEFAL]

    Skovorodka[TEFAL] Активный участник

    С нами с:
    a konkretno che tam nu ochen takogo poleznogo?
  3. Guest

    БонусТулза создается для ленивых ;-)
    одним кликом можно заменить ряд процедур,
    ну а создание дыр и перетаскивание их по объекту-
    это ващще класс !!!
    Подробности- можно предложить разработчикам свои пожелания по
    наращиванию функций БонусТулза...

    Unlike other versions, Rhino 3.0 has some bonus tools available for download. They are not all finished and some are just prototypes. All of these tools will be refined and included the next major release. Please give them a try and send us feedback.
    Rhino 3 Bonus Tools (37 new features in version 2) includes:


    AutoCAD v2004 import/export - Open/import and save AutoCAD v2004 files in addition to previous versions. Reads ACIS solids from v2003 and earlier. v2004 ACIS support coming soon.
    Geomview import - Imports Geomview .OFF meshes.
    GHS (General Hydrostatics) import/export - Exports and imports General Hydrostatics (GHS) geometry and part maker files.
    GTS import - Import GNU Triangulated Surface (GTS) files.
    Layout - Creates a print layout from all Rhino viewports in the Rhino window.
    PDF import - Imports PDF and Adobe Illustrator 8+ files
    Print 3-D - If you have 3-D printer installed on your system, this plug-in lets you print directly the file format required for your printer. A Print 3-D menu item is added to Rhino's File menu, and your printer will display in the list. Currently supported systems include:
    Delft Spline Systems DeskProto
    Roland MODELA Player:
    Z Corp

    CopyToLayer - Copies selected objects to a new layer.
    LayerStateManager - Saves and restores the states of layers.

    UPlane - Universal construction plane utility
    AdvancedDisplay - more than 25 new display options
    MoveTargetToObjects - Moves a viewport's target position to the center of the bounding box of selected objects.
    OrientCameraToSrf - Moves a viewport's camera and target locations to match a selected surface normal.

    AnnotateCrvEndPoints - Annotates the end points of curves.
    BlendCrv - Create a blend curve between curves and/or surface edges. Gives a preview of the curves and allows adjusting before the curve is made.
    ModifyRadius - Modifies the radius of an arc or circle.
    ClosePolylines - Closes open polylines.
    OpenPolyline - Opens a closed polyline.
    ContourCrv - Create contour points through curves.
    SectionCrv - Create section points through curves.
    CreateUVCrvOnSrf - Creates UV curves from surface and curves on surface.
    DupFaceBorder - Duplicates the border of surfaces and faces.
    ExtractSubCrv - Extracts a subcurve from a polycurve.

    InsertPoint - Inserts curve and surface control points.
    RemovePoint - Removes curve and surface control points.
    Fin - Extrude curve normal to surface.
    VariableOffsetSrf - Make variable offsets of surfaces.

    FoldFace - Folds a face or faces.
    MoveEdge - Move the edge(s) of a solid or polysurface.
    MoveHole - Move a hole in a surface, polysurface, or solid.
    MoveSide - Move a planer surface in a polysurface or solid.
    MakeHole - Create a hole in a polysurface.
    MergeAllFaces - Merge all co-planar faces of a polysurface into one face.
    MergeFace - Merge two co-planar faces in a solid into one face.
    RotateEdge - Rotate edges of polysurfaces around an axis with angle or reference points.
    RotateFace - Rotate faces of polysurfaces around an axis with angle or reference points.
    ScaleEdge - Scale the edges of a planar surface
    SplitFace - Split a planar face of a polysurface with a curve.
    StraightenPolysurface - Straightens slightly kinked surfaces.
    UnionFaces - Extract the merged union of selected faces.


    ApplyMeshUVN Wraps meshes and points onto a surface based on the surface u- and v-coordinates.
    CollapseMeshEdge - Collapses a mesh edge to a mesh vertex.
    CullDegenerateFaces - Deletes mesh faces that have 0 area.
    DeleteMeshFace - Deletes mesh faces.
    ExtractConnectedMeshFaces - Extracts faces that are connected to a selected face by defining the break angle between two connected faces.
    ExtractMeshFaceByArea - Extracts faces within a specified range of area.
    ExtractMeshFaceDraftAngle - Extracts faces within a specified upper and lower draft angle based on a view. Lets you extract features and split a mesh.
    ExtractMeshFacesByEdgeLength - Extracts faces within a specified range of edge length.
    MeshFromPoints - Creates a mesh from selected points or point cloud.
    MeshHeightfield - Creates a mesh based on the color values in a bitmap.
    SplitMeshEdge - Splits a face edge at a point.
    SwapMeshEdge - Swaps the corners of triangles that share the edge.


    Align - Aligns objects by their bounding boxes.
    OrientOnCrv - Orients objects on a curve.

    Alerter - Sound an alert when a command finishes. Adds an option to perform an operation if a specified command takes longer than a user-specified duration.
    MacroEditor - Toolbar button macro editor.
    Hyperlink - Attach web site URLs to objects.
    RhinoMail - Sent email via SMTP from within Rhino.
    RhinoScript - Replaces the RhinoScript_m.rhp plug-in included with Rhino 3.0 SR3. If you are not running Rhino 3.0 SR3, you will need to update to the service release before using this version of RhinoScript.
    WebBrowser - Open a "stay on top" web browser window that you can read while working in Rhino.

    SetSpotlightToView - Sets a spotlight to match the viewport camera direction.
    SetViewToSpotlight - Sets the view match a spotlight direction.
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    да,правда чего там такого интересного ???? :)
  5. Guest

    тут же все написано про полезности...
  6. Guest

    А на хоботовскую версию кто-нибудь ставил?
  7. Guest

    Уже енджоюсь БонуснымиТулзами в Хоботнном_Носороге
    воткнулись без проблем !!!
    Это все-таки Бета - в релизе могут стать и не Бонус ???
  8. Guest

    Поставил под XE SR3... работает!!!! Нашел уже один глюк.... :о) .... команда помоему Gradient View, или что-то в этом роде...пишет неизвестная команда :))))

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