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Rendering Very Large Images in MAX

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    Rendering Very Large Images

    This document addresses the "Error Creating Bitmap" message that occurs when trying to render very large images typically used in print media.

    Depending on the system configuration, 3ds max may generate an "Error creating Bitmap" message when trying to render very large images. The maximum size you can render in a single pass is limited by the system configuration.

    The best workaround at this time is to render the image in sections using the blowup function and then piece them together using your photo editing software. The following steps will walk you through making a 12000 x 9000 image.

    Launch 3ds max and open the scene you wish to render.
    Click on the Render Scene button to bring up the Render Scene dialog. Set the render size to 1/2 your desired image size. For our example image, the image size is set to 1/2 of 12000 x 9000 pixels - 6000 x 4500. Also, set the path and name of the first quarter of the image to topleft.jpg (You can use any file format you choose so long as you do not exceed it's limits.)
    Make sure the viewport you wish to render is active and open the Customize / Viewport Configuration dialog.

    Click on the Regions tab. In the Blowup Region section, set the X to 0, set the Y to 0, set Width to 3000 and the Height to 2250. Click OK to exit the Viewport Configuration dialog.

    Set the Render Type pulldown menu to Blowup.

    Click on the Quick Render button. A marquee will be shown in the top left quarter of the Viewport and an OK button will appear in the bottom right. Click on the OK button in the lower right of the viewport to render the image. 3ds max will render the upper left quarter of the viewport.
    To render the rest of the image, repeat steps 3 through 6 with the following settings in the Blowup Region settings in the Viewport Configuration.

    Note: Be sure to rename the file each time you render a new quarter.
Модераторы: Артер

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