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Prman 11 - да!

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    First, Pixar remains committed to the ongoing development of PRMan.
    We're in the process of releasing version 10 (3.10). The feature set is
    significant and can be viewed off our web site:
    http://www.pixar.com/renderman/artist_tools/news/prman10.html. You can
    also infer our commitment on the basis that we're committed to using
    PRMan for the production of our upcoming movies.

    Second, we're actively working on Release 11. This is going to be a
    major release and we'll be releasing details about the feature set and
    pricing in the next three months. We're extremely excited about the
    features and believe that our customers will be as well. This release
    will include the Deep Shadow feature invented at Pixar for "hairy
    problems" as well as many other enhancements for the rendering of hair,
    fuzz, etc. We're working on a number of additional cool features but
    aren't yet prepared to talk about them.

    Thanks for your attention,

    Dana Batali
    RenderMan Products
    Pixar Animation Studios
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