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Poser 5 и ещё немного г....

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    Poser 5 and The Pro Pack
    The Poser Pro Pack plug-ins are not currently updated to work with Poser 5. The plug-ins will be updated to work with Poser 5, but some high level functionality found in Poser 5 will not be enabled to the 3rd party host application. Poser 5 incorporates all the features of Pro Pack except for the plug-ins. Full details on the update to the plug-ins and its projected delivery schedule will be available soon.

    Unlocking Poser 5
    Poser 5 is protected by a lock and key system that prevents unauthorized use of the software and your serial number. When you first run Poser 5 you can automatically or manually create a unique key that will unlock your software. The Poser 5 installer creates a unique lock for your computer called a "Challenge Code". You can then unlock Poser 5 with your unique key called a "Response Code".

    Both the lock and the key consist of a unique series of simple words that are created especially for your computer. The key is stored in your computer’s main hard drive, just like the software that lets your CD drive or other hardware work in your computer. The key can be generated immediately with a simple web connection, but you can also get keys by logging onto to our website at any time or by sending an email or fax to our service department.

    Once Poser 5 is unlocked, you will always be able to run the software without needing to contact Curious Labs again. You can also save your key as a text file so that you can cut and paste the Response Code if you ever need to reformat your hard drive. You can install Poser 5 and unlock it on several machines subject to the restrictions found in the Poser 5 End User License Agreement (EULA). We allow a reasonable amount of unlocks, and in most situations our service department will permit additional unlocks.

    How do I unlock Poser 5?

    When you run Poser 5 for the first time, you will be asked to register and unlock the software. By supplying some basic information such as your name and your serial number, you can both register and unlock Poser 5. If you have a Web connection, registration and unlocking is easy and automatic. You can also manually register and unlock Poser by logging onto our website or by sending us an email or a fax.

    If you do not have a Web connection, you may contact Curious Labs via email from any computer or send a fax to get your key. You can then type in the key words or cut and paste them from a text file. New keys will be sent during business days within 24 hours.

    Note- Poser 5 will run for 7 days before it must be registered and unlocked. Registering will entitle you to technical support and service, and software updates.

    How do I contact Curious Labs if I need help manually unlocking my copy of Poser 5?

    When unlocking via email, fax or postal service, please be sure to include all registration data, your serial number and challenge code.

    By Web: Register Here
    By Email: unlock@curiouslabs.com
    By Fax: (831) 462-8925 ATTN: Unlock
    By Postal Service: Curious Labs UNLOCK, 655 Capitola Road, Suite 200, Santa Cruz, CA, 95062, USA

    What does Curious Labs do with my registration information?

    Curious Labs understands and respects your need for privacy. None of your registration details or any computer data about you will be furnished to any other party. If you want to receive updates about Poser 5 or any other related information you may choose to opt-in to our mailing list.

    View our privacy policy.

    What if I don’t have an Internet connection?

    If you do not have a connection to the Internet, you can contact Curious Labs via email or by logging on to our registration webpage from any computer such as an Internet cafй, public library, or friend’s computer. You can also send a fax to Curious Labs to get your key.

    You will need to send us your Poser 5 Challenge Code lock, serial number and some basic registration information via any of these alternate methods, and we will create and send a unique Response Code key for you. You can then type in the key words or cut and paste them from a text file on your computer that is running Poser 5.

    New keys will be sent during business days within 24 hours. Poser 5 will run for 7 days before it must be unlocked.

    My Internet connection is on a different computer than the one I’m installing Poser 5 on. How do I get my Response Code?

    If you send us the Challenge Code that Poser 5 created on your computer, we will send you a Response Code that will work for that computer. For example, you could use a friend’s computer and a free email account to send us your Challenge Code. Write down or copy the Response Code from our reply email, and enter it the next time you start up Poser 5 on your computer.

    What should I do with my Response Code?

    Enter your Response Code into the Poser 5 registration screen. This is described in the Poser 5 Reference Manual. Also, it’s very important to save your Response Code in a safe place should you ever need to unlock Poser 5 again on that same computer.

    What if I need to reinstall Poser 5?

    Go ahead and reinstall. If you have not re-formatted your hard drive, you will not need to get a new key. Poser 5 will display the same Challenge Code unless you have changed your computer’s main hard drive or re-formatted it. Simply enter your original, saved Response Code. You will not need to unlock Poser 5 again or contact Curious Labs.

    What if I reformat my hard drive?

    The Challenge Code is stored on and based on your computer’s main hard drive. If you re-format your main drive, you will need to unlock Poser 5 again. If you are using the same hard drive you used before, Poser 5 will create the same Challenge Code as it did before. In this case, simply re-enter your saved Response Code. You will not need to contact Curious Labs unless you did not save your original Response Code.

    What if I upgrade hardware in my computer?

    Provided you use the same main hard drive in your computer, you will not need to unlock Poser 5 with Curious Labs. Your Poser 5 Response and Challenge codes will not change.

    What if I obtain a new computer?

    Since you will likely be working with a completely new computer with a different main hard drive, Poser 5 will create a new Challenge Code for that computer. You will need to create a new Response Code to work with the new Challenge Code. This can be done automatically or manually via the methods described above

    What if I use a program like DriveCopy to transfer the contents of one hard drive to another? Will I need a new Response Code key for Poser 5?

    Poser 5 will require a new Response Code if it is moved to a new hard drive. Poser 5 will create a new Challenge Code and will need a new Response Code. You will have 7 days to run Poser 5 without the new Response Code key.

    What if my old Response Code does not work?

    If your Challenge Code changes and a new Response Code is needed, you may do so via the methods described above. Generally, the only reason that your Challenge Code will change is if you change your main hard drive or the computer you were originally running Poser 5 on.

    How many times can I contact Curious Labs for a new Response Code?

    We currently permit three unique Response Code keys to be generated for your serial number of Poser 5. In most normal circumstances our service department will allow additional keys to be generated. You will need to contact our service department for additional keys.

    What happens if I need more than the “allowed” number of registrations?

    If you applying for a fourth or greater new Response Code key, you will be informed that you have exceeded the maximum number of allowed installations. If you need additional Response Code keys you should send your request to our service department via email or fax. It will be helpful for you to describe your reasons for requesting additional Response Code keys. It is Curious Labs’ policy to permit our legitimate customers to use our products to their full potential. You may be asked to confirm your registration information to confirm your identity.

    Can I install Poser on more than one computer at a time?

    Yes. Your Poser 5 End User License Agreement (EULA) specifically allows you to install your copy of Poser 5 on more than one computer provided you never run that copy on more than one computer at a time. For example if you have a desktop and a laptop computer, you may install Poser 5 on both computers but cannot run the application on both computers simultaneously. You will need to register on both systems as they will create unique Challenge and Response codes for each system.

    Can I run the same copy of Poser 5 on more than one computer at a time?

    No. Running your copy of Poser 5 on multiple machines is a violation of the Poser 5 license agreement. Poser automatically checks your local network (if any) for other running versions using the same serial number.

    Please Note- Poser 5 does not report back any information to Curious Labs, or any other party when it is checking across your local network.

    What if I register my legal copy of Poser 5 then obtain an unauthorized or modified copy in order to avoid re-registering?

    Curious Labs does not endorse or support the use of unauthorized or modified versions of its products. The act of illegally modifying and re-distributing Curious Labs products for any purpose is a criminal offense.

    Can I install Poser on a portable hard drive and use it on more than one computer (but not at the same time)?

    Yes. Poser 5 can be installed on any drive; however, the Challenge Code lock and Response Code key are tied to the main hard drive of your original computer. If you want to unlock your copy of Poser 5 installed on a removable drive to work on an additional computer, you may do so, but you will need a new Response Code for that new computer. The external drive may be swapped computer to computer, and Poser 5 may be run on more than one computer to the extent that is permitted in the Poser 5 license agreement.

    Are the Content room and/or Content Paradise in any way connected with the Poser 5 security system?

    No. Poser 5’s security system shares no information with Content Paradise. The two are completely independent. Once your copy of Poser 5 has been unlocked you will not need to connect with Curious Labs or any Curious Labs servers unless you need to re-register as described in the circumstances above. Content Paradise will establish a web connection that will enable you to browse through available content supplied by our third party partners and their affiliated artists.
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    даже так ?

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