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Penguin Beta3

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 27 сен 2002.

  1. Guest


    Beta 3
    This is a functional version that expires on October 20.

    Beta 3 Documentation

  2. Guest

    Hi !
    I have beta 2 end install beta 3 but i don't run RHINO. When i uninstall P beta 3 all is OK. I don't understend. Thi is bug from P beta 3 ??. I install P beta 2 and is all OK .
  3. Guest

    first-uninstall beta 2
    second-install beta 3
    all work
    but bugs else there is...
    this even so beta 8-(
  4. Guest

    - Peguin settings now are outside the Render command, so Penguin render is now scriptable.
    - PenguinSettings is the new command to change the configuration or styles of Penguin render.
    - Now each render goes to a new render window, like Rhino renderer, to make comparing different settings easier.

    Mariusz see - !!! - New workspace (penguin.ws) that allows you to use Penguin while having another renderer (Rhino, Flamingo) configured !!!
  5. Guest

    Hi !
    Now is P beta 4.
  6. Guest

    OOO !!!

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