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Particle flow ( www.orbaz.com )

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    The first Problem i've reached while trying to blow up my object using p flow
    was that i cant simply do this ^) i have no instruments to rebirth new particles along my object's surface the way like it is made by particle studio plugin.

    in P_studio i can replace whole object by it's particle-made copy with material and mapping within. then i blow part of my object using vector influence , i make it in two events : in first event particles birth , and in second one they blow. After this operations i can bind any type of space warps to my P_studio icon. BUT!! i can't bind any space warps exactly to that event which i need the space warp to affect . for example, after binding gravity to whole particle system i have gravity fieled affecting ALL my particles.
    it's isnt the result i wanna to get ^(

    in pflow there is a lot of cool an flexible instruments to affect the particles with numerous fields in different events separately from each other.

    but i have no instruments to get the particle-made copy of my object the way that it is made by p_studio/

    help me! maybe ther are other ways to get the result. i'm wery intersted in getting the rusult exactly in p flow .

    THANKZ FOR help
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    Why don't you place your question at the Orbaz forum?
Модераторы: Артер

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