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Отличие версии Vray 1.09.03g от 1.09.03a

Тема в разделе "VRAY", создана пользователем -, 17 июл 2003.

Модераторы: morro
  1. Guest

    Вопрос к знающим людям. Чем отличается версия Vray 1.09.03g от версии 1.09.03a ?
  2. benderlio

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    А у тя есть эти версии под 4-й макс, если есть то вышли пожалуйста...
  3. Simm_Andy

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    What is new in this version?

    Build 1.09.03g:

    (*) Improved compatibility with Digimation's SpeedTree.
    (*) The Fresnel option in the VRay material affects its transparent shadows as well.

    Build 1.09.03f - fixes a single bug:

    (*) VRay did not display an authorization dialog (bug in 1.09.03e).

    Build 1.09.03e:

    (*) The VRayLight could crash if the user right-clicks while creating it.
    (*) Saved irradiance maps were not always loaded properly (bug in 1.09.03a-d) causing excessive render times.
    (*) VRay could crash sometimes while calculating irradiance maps (bug in 1.09.03a-d).
    (*) VRay could crash sometimes with VRayLights (bug in 1.09.03a-d).
    (*) Files created with the beta versions of VRay (0.5x.xx) will not load at all from this build onward.
    (*) All of the renderer parameters are exposed through MaxScript (in 3dsmax 5.x). Note that this may cause some incompatibilities with existing MaxScripts - they will need to be updated.
    (*) The following methods of the renderer can be called from MaxScript:
    * <vray>.saveCausticsPhotonMap <fname>
    * <vray>.saveGlobalPhotonMap <fname>
    * <vray>.saveIrradianceMap <fname>
    * <vray>.loadIrradianceMap <fname>
    * <vray>.clearIrradianceMap()
    All of those methods return 0 on success and a non-zero value if an error occurs.
    (*) The Bake3D plug-in file is named differently for each 3dsmax version (Bake3d31.dlu, Bake3d40.dlu and Bake3d50.dlu respectively).

    Build 1.09.03d - fixes some bugs introduced in the 1.09.03a-c builds:

    (*) The VRayDisplacementMod modifier had a bug that could cause instabilities in Max when working with the modifier stack, loading/saving files etc.
    (*) VRay lights could cause crashes in some cases.
    (*) Broadcasting of NOTIFY_RENDER_PREEVAL (Max 4 and above) was disabled since it could cause the rendering to crash/hang.

    Build 1.09.03c - bug fix:

    (*) The irradiance map was not reset for every frame in Single frame mode.

    Build 1.09.03c - two minor bug fixes:

    (*) VRay did not load on Windows NT.
    (*) Normal glossy reflections did not always render.
Модераторы: morro

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