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Only For DiscoAlex

Тема в разделе "Adobe After Effects", создана пользователем -, 23 мар 2003.

Модераторы: ksi2, Saplus
  1. Guest

    Man,i need fucking queeckly sports logotypes.Exs.:run,box,sweeming...etc..
    And tall me your phone in Phoenix.
  2. Guest

    Man, as you know, I was looking for that sport's stuff for very long time, but didn't find anything!!! You think I don't need that stuff for some sports GFX?
    I think you should look out for some kinda "sports vector clipart" e.t.c...
    my Phoenix number is 22-12-89 - moslty after 18 PM.
Модераторы: ksi2, Saplus

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