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Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 3 май 2004.

Модераторы: Dark™, Skif
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    Alias values your opinion!
    That's why, in the next couple of days, we will be inviting you to tell us what you think of a new online learning service for Maya® Personal Learning Edition users.
    To thank you for your time and opinions, we will be offering you valuable learning content, previously available in our Learning Maya series of books. This content will be yours, FREE, just for visiting our online survey.

    We're telling you all this now, so you have a chance to think about the learning needs you have encountered while using the Maya Personal Learning Edition.
    Please look for a survey announcement from us soon!
    Thank you for your time and interest.
Модераторы: Dark™, Skif

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