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new beta

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем TekiL, 24 июн 2001.

  1. TekiL

    TekiL Мастер

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    Kto-nibudi ska4al betu ot 6.06? 4to novovo?
    Kstati, beti u nih poyavlyayutsia kajdie 15-20 dnei, tak-4to lu4she ska4ati 4erez paru deni novuiu.
  2. Guest

    June 18, 2001
    New Features

    ExportWithOrigin command

    The ExportWithOrigin command exports selected objects to a Rhino 3DM file and lets you select a point that will be the world coordinate origin in the new model. The current construction plane will be the world top construction plane in the new model.

    LabelCurveEndpoints command

    The LabelCurveEndpoints command places a text label with the x, y, and z coordinates of the endpoint of a curve.

    SelColor command

    The SelColor command selects all objects that have a specified color property set.

    CheckOutLicense and CheckInLicense commands

    The CheckOutLicense command makes it possible for users to check out a license from the license manager. This converts their workgroup node to a standalone node. The user can then leave the office and run Rhino without being connected to the network.
    When the user gets back in the office, run the CheckInLicense command to check your key back into the Zoo and to turn your station back into a workgroup node.

    Changes since last beta

    InvertPts name change

    The InvertPts command name has been changed to InvertPt.

    Arc, Circle, CircleD, and Ellipse commands have Deformable option

    The Arc, Circle, CircleD, Ellipse commands now have a one-time Deformable option. The deformable options all create uniform cubic splines.

    Plane command option change

    The Deformable option on the Plane command is now a one-time option.

    Curve, InterpCrv, and InterpCrvOnSrf Sharp option

    For the Curve, InterpCrv, and InterpCrvOnSrf commands, the hidden Sharp option is now displayed as a command line option.

    Unicode support added for text and dimensions

    Unicode support (double-byte font) support has been added for text and dimensions.

    MergeSrf works on trimmed surfaces

    The MergeSrf command works on trimmed surfaces as long as the edges being joined are not trims and are complete.

    Notes font

    The Document Properties Notes tab used a chunky system font. This is changed to Arial.

    Annotation object CSV export descriptions

    In CSV export, descriptions of objects text, leader, and dimension objects are changed to "text", "leader" and "dimension" instead of "annotation."
    The Properties Dimensions tab has a read-only edit box so you can copy from it.

    VRBSrf feedback

    Feedback has been added to the VRBSrf command if the command cannot make the surface.

    Bug Fixes

    Error on exit

    Rhino displayed an error message on exit. This is fixed.

    Contour chopped curves into segments

    The Contour and Section commands caused curves to be sliced into small segments on spheres, cylinders, ellipses, cones, etc. There ways also a crash bug in these commands. These are fixed.

    Switching between dialog boxes is slow

    Switching between the Document Properties and the Options dialog boxes was very slow in some circumstances. This is fixed.

    Export file type

    Export file types were incorrectly inherited from SaveAs. This is fixed.

    Layer dialog box

    In the Layer dialog box, changing a layer name when the column order was different from the default caused the name to appear in the wrong place in the dialog box. This is fixed. This also caused the dialog box to close automatically. A related crash in Windows 95 is also fixed.

    MTS Export

    Viewpoint Technologies MTS export now handles images with dimensions other than powers of two supports all Rhino image export formats.

    Properties reporting

    The Properties command was reporting that any two-span NURBS curve with clamped ends and a simple interior knot was uniform. This is fixed.

    RebuildSrf max deviation hairs

    The RebuildSrf on two surfaces at the same time, displayed the max deviation hairs originating from the world origin. This is fixed

    VRBSrf change

    The VRBSrf command only asked for a single start/end radius, even if the edge to blend is open. It should ask for two radii. This is fixed.


    Editing the Weight of a curve/surface points and setting them all to 1, resulted in the curve/surface being flagged as non-rational which caused Properties to report the curve/surface was non-rational. This didn't cause any computational problems. This is fixed.

    Osnap dialog box

    The Osnap dialog box did not display properly in certain circumstances. This is fixed.

    ArrayCrv with groups

    If you arrayed a group with the ArrayCrv command, the result was a big group. This now makes individual groups.

    Audit command reporting

    The Audit command reported "no bad objects". This caused confusion with the SelBadObjects command, which is unrelated to the kinds of database errors found by the Audit command. This is fixed. If the Audit command detects a database error, it now prints a detailed description of the error.

    Setting PopupToolbar for middle mouse button

    In the latest beta the toolbar list was garbled. This is fixed.

    Text object properties

    If you copy text, and then edit the properties of the original and all the copies, the Properties did not change for the original object. The original could not be edited. This is fixed.
  3. TekiL

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    Nu ti dal ! nasheol...
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