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Насчет Cinema4D 8 - слухи.

Тема в разделе "Cinema 4D", создана пользователем Sidoruk, 2 фев 2002.

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    Точнее - интересная мессага, прошедшая сегодня на постфоруме.
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    Subject: Re: Version 8 soon maybe??? Author: MV ( ---.nyc.rr.com )
    Date: 02-01-02 15:19

    I'm not a company spokesman, nor do I have inside info, but this is my best guess, or if you prefer, my prediction.

    Look for 7.5 later this year, maybe August if not a bit earlier. It will feature many of the modeling and interface improvements people have been asking for since v6, and an update to the Cebas side of the render engine, subsurface scattering, etc, with maybe a few more bone constraints and a scattering of new expressions for helping with CA. Don't expect to see the really big next thing from Maxon, the CA upgrade, new bone system, revamped (more AE-like) timeline, distinct x,y,z curves, Maya-like scripting, nodes, pose and action based nonlinear animation, which should be Version 8, until late 2003.


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