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Модо 1,0,2 для Мака - продление триала ;)

Тема в разделе "Maya", создана пользователем -, 10 июн 2005.

Модераторы: Dark™, Skif
  1. Guest

    Есть решение для продления этой замечательной проги:
    Триал скачивается с родного сайта:
    а потом по окончании 30-ти дневного срока в панели
    Date & Time перед запуском Модо год уменьшается на 1-ку ;).
    Запускается прога, которая теперь считает, что ваша лицензия продлена еще на 365 дней... и ночей :)
    В той-же панели Date & Time мы снова поднимаем год на 1-ку и все.
    Теперь у нас и все даты правильные и Модо работает.
    Правда такую нехотрую процедурку придется проделывать один раз в день, если комп выключать, либо написать простейший скриптец по вышеизложенным действиям...

  2. Guest

    Появилась новая версия классного Extension-а:
    "Render View button modifications and extended functionality:

    - Both "Render Frame" and "IPR Render" buttons are modified to have a camera selection popup menu when clicking with the right mouse button.

    - The scene preparation and render time is displayed at the bottom of the renderView after rendering a frame.

    - A new Snapshot button added, with the usual right button camera selection menu.

    - Render Diagnostics button is removed since it is in the upper menu and its a rarely used tool. (And we need space for panel mode. :)

    - Color button is extended with a right click menu for all the available display types. (Color/Alpha/R/G/B/Luminance)

    - Alpha button removed. Now left clicking the Color button toggles color and alpha channel display.

    - Right clicking on the Render Globals button brings up a menu to set things without opening the clumsy Render Globals Window:

    Raytracing on/off

    Render All / Selected only

    Render Quality (Containing user presets)

    Motion Blur (off/2d/3d)

    Render options (Use Default Light on/off, Depth-Map Shadows, Composite (No premultiply), Paint Effects render, Oversample Paint Effects

    Turn All Image Planes on/off (either at once or only at render time)

    Select Active (renderable) Camera and set Output Channels (Color/Alpha/Depth)

    Image Format (including user defined image formats if there is any defined in the userImageFormats.mel)

    + in case of Mental Ray:

    Final Gathering-, Global Illumination-, Caustics-, Displacement on/off

    Approximation editing: create, assign and edit approximations from the render view.

    (Works with any number and any type of selected objects)

    Translation Verbosity

    When choosing a different MR render quality preset switches like raytracing and FG remain the same (only the values change).

    - Framestore button:

    Set Render-info display - GUI to set what kind of information should be displayed at the bottom of the RenderView

    Open the mayaImageTool Window - GUI to modify image names, check and compare rendered data, save images and add comments.

    Auto-open the mayaImageTool window - Checkbox to automatically open the mIT window after a render.

    Add note to rendered image - Renders user defined information on the bottom of the image.

    (Date is added as Year/Month/Day)

    Save kept images to disk - Option box lets you define a specific filename instead of the current image name set in the render globals.)

    Load previously saved images from disk

    Delete previously saved images from disk

    Remove all images from RenderView

    - Preview Resolution button to quickly display and modify the test resoluion. (with a new 75% resolution option)

    - Ray Tracing On/Off button that displays the current state of raytracing.

    Right clicking this button brings up a new marking menu to set Mental Ray sampling parameters directly, like

    easily multiply/divide all the sampling contrast values together.

    - The Renderer selection menu has new menuitems to load the currently unloaded renderers.

    Render Utilites (a new menu in the renderView):

    - "Render Multiple Frames" lets you render any number of different images (or image region)

    into the Render View or directly to disk. You can generate sequences based on start frame/end frame/step count

    or add frames manually and assign a new camera to any frame.

    (This camera will be used until you define a new one in the list.)

    You can easily render many frames using different cameras for preview, check animation key positions

    or render a whole animation within Maya. (This is slower than batch mode but it can fix render

    problems that are known to happen sometimes while using mayabatch. :))

    Read button annotations for further details.

    - "Display Mental Ray Tesselation" renders the wireframe image of the selected object(s). This feature displays

    the effect of the currently assigned approximations. (Because of a current limitation of the script,

    please only select one displaced object at a time. Non-displaced objects work ok, no matter how many of them

    you select.) The render uses the current resolution with min=max=0 sampling, and the basic mental ray

    contour calculation method to avoid installing custom shaders.
    Вобщем - СУПЕР вещица - рекомендую. :)
Модераторы: Dark™, Skif

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