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max 2009, max design 2009... а дальше что?

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем carabus, 12 апр 2008.

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  1. carabus

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    Autodesk 3ds Max 2009
    Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2009

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Autodesk Media & Entertainment

    Q: What is 3ds Max Design 2009?
    A: 3ds Max Design 2009 software is essentially a customized installation of
    Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 software, the result of which is an optimized user
    experience for architects, designers, engineers and visualization specialists.
    3ds Max Design has the same functionality as 3ds Max, with the addition of the new
    Exposure lighting analysis technology. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is not
    provided. Other differences between the two products include user interface and
    application defaults, tutorials, sample files, and product websites.
    More generally, Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2009 software is a comprehensive 3D
    modeling, animation, and rendering solution designed to support the way designers
    and visualization specialists work: creatively, iteratively, and across multiple
    software applications. As compared with 3ds Max 2008, 3ds Max Design 2009
    introduces a number of key new and enhanced features, including the powerful
    Exposure technology for lighting analysis to assist with LEED 8.1 certification. New
    rendering functionality includes the Reveal rendering toolset, which streamlines
    iterative workflows and gives designers dramatically faster, finished renderings, and
    the ProMaterials, a library of manufacturer-related materials. 3ds Max Design 2009
    also delivers updated user interface and workflow features, which, together with
    improved data compatibility, enhance digital continuity between 3ds Max Design and
    products from the Revit and AutoCAD software families. This includes Recognize
    scene loading technology that significantly improves inter-application workflows with
    Revit Architecture 2009, through the accurate import of lights, materials and
    Q: What is 3ds Max 2009?
    A: Award-winning Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 software is a full-featured 3D modeling,
    animation, rendering, and visual effects solution used in the creation of top-selling
    games and blockbuster film and video content. 3ds Max 2009 introduces several key
    new features, including the Reveal rendering toolset, which streamlines iterative
    workflows and gives artists dramatically faster, finished renderings; timesaving UV
    editing and Biped functionality, such as a fast, efficient workflow for rigging
    quadrupeds; and the ProMaterials library for creating real-world design and building
    surfaces. Finally, 3ds Max 2009 delivers improved compatibility with Autodesk Maya
    and Autodesk MotionBuilder software through enhanced Autodesk FBX software
    memory management. Plus, higher OBJ translation fidelity, along with additional
    export options, vastly enhances interoperability with Autodesk Mudbox software.
    Q: Why is Autodesk creating two “flavors” or versions of 3ds Max?
    A: In order to optimize the user experience for both entertainment and design
    visualization customers, it was necessary to create two flavors of 3ds Max.
    Entertainment users commonly specialize in areas such as character rigging,
    lighting, texturing, and animation. For these customers, 3ds Max 2009 continues to
    build on its legacy as an industry-leading content creation tool in the games, film,
    television industries. 3ds Max Design is directed towards maximizing a high-quality
    “out of the box” design visualization experience for generalists in the architecture,
    civil engineering, industrial and manufacturing industries.
    Each “flavor” of 3ds Max will be specifically tailored for its intended audience; from
    learning resources and sample files, to application defaults and even carefully
    selected features such as the Exposure lighting analysis technology for designers
    and visualization specialists.

    Q: Is 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design right for me?
    A: If you work primarily in entertainment and require the SDK, choose 3ds Max
    2009. 3ds Max has all the features of 3ds Max Design except for the new Exposure
    lighting analysis tool for assisting in LEED 8.1 certification.
    If you work primarily in the architecture, civil engineering, or manufacturing sectors,
    and you do not need to create your own plug-ins using the SDK, choose 3ds Max
    Design. It has all the features of 3ds Max 2009 except for the SDK, and it includes
    the new Exposure lighting analysis tool for assisting in LEED 8.1 certification.
    Q: Apart from the SDK and Exposure lighting analysis, what is the difference
    between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design?
    A: The key difference between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design is that each product is
    tailored specifically for customers in different industries. 3ds Max Design is ideal for
    architects, designers and visualization specialists, while 3ds Max is a tool of choice
    for professionals in the games, film, and television industries.
    While these sibling applications are nearly identical technologically, they differ in the
    following ways:
    • User interface and application defaults are optimized for either visualization
    or entertainment workflows/pipelines in order to maximize productivity.
    • 3ds Max Design features new Exposure technology for simulating and
    analyzing sun, sky, and artificial lighting. 3ds Max does not contain this
    • 3ds Max includes a powerful SDK for developers. 3ds Max Design does not
    contain this SDK.
    • Tutorials and samples files will be customized to optimize the learning
    experiences of each customer group for each product.
    • Documentation also contains custom content for each product.
    • Icons and packaging for 3ds Max Design will be more closely aligned with
    Autodesk AEC solutions for quick visual recognition. 3ds Max 2009 icons
    will remain similar to 3ds Max 2008 icons.
    • Online user experience for 3ds Max customres will be greatly improved
    through content tailored for visualization or entertainment customers.
    Q. What features are the same between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design?
    A. With the exception of the SDK, 3ds Max Design has 100% of the features in 3ds
    Max. 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design share a single binary. This means that both
    applications will be able to simultaneously advance from a technological
    perspective. When 3ds Max is updated for the latest version of Microsoft Windows
    operating system (OS) or DirectX application programming interface (API), 3ds Max
    Design is updated . A single binary also means that there is 100% file compatibility
    as well as plug-in compatibility between the applications.
    Q: I currently have an earlier version of 3ds Max, how do I get 3ds Max Design
    A: If you are currently on Autodesk Subscription for 3ds Max 2008, you will receive a
    package containing install DVDs for both 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. You can
    install either product using the single authorization code supplied with the package.
    You will only be able to install 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design on any given computer
    system. To switch between the products, you will need to uninstall one product
    before installing the other product. To renew your subscription, choose the required
    number of licenses of each product. If you are not on subscription, choose one of
    the products and upgrade to it. See which product is right for you with a free 30-day
    trial download.

    Q: How will 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design differ in the future?
    A: Autodesk will consider customer feedback, industry drivers and business needs in
    evaluating how to enhance both 3ds Max Design and 3ds Max in the future. It is
    Autodesk’s intention to maintain the same binary code between products, as well as
    complete data compatibility and interoperability.
    Q: I picked the wrong “flavor” of 3ds Max, now what do I do?
    A: If you are using 3ds Max Design, and feel you need the SDK to write your own
    plug-ins, simply enroll in the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) and continue using
    3ds Max Design. If you are part of Autodesk Subscription, it will be possible to
    simply cross-grade from 3ds Max Design 2009 to 3ds Max 2009. 3ds Max 2009
    users on Autodesk Subscription can also cross-grade to 3ds Max Design if they
    want the Exposure lighting analysis tool and don’t need the SDK.
    Q: How is 3ds Max Design different from what Autodesk did with VIZ?
    A: Autodesk VIZ software is a limited subset of 3ds Max 9. 3ds Max Design is a
    product based on 3ds Max 2009 that is tailored for the design community. It has all
    the features of 3ds Max except for the SDK, and it includes the new Exposure
    lighting analysis technology. Documentation and learning materials are also more
    relevant to design professionals. 3ds Max Design (and 3ds Max 2009) also includes
    some toolsets that were previously only found in VIZ, ensuring that VIZ customers
    will feel right at home with 3ds Max Design.
    Moreover, 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design share a single binary, meaning that both
    applications evolve simultaneously. Data can also be round-tripped between the two
    products without losses.
    Q: How are 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009 different from VIZ 2008?
    A: VIZ 2008 was built on the 3ds Max 9 codebase. Since then, Autodesk has
    released 3ds Max 2008 and now intends to release 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max
    Design 2009. These products include major improvements in many important areas
    • Free, unlimited integrated mental ray rendering software. VIZ 2008 requires
    a license per seat.
    • Up to 8 mental ray rendering satellites. VIZ 2008 is limited to 2 satellites.
    • Integrated mental ray rendering support for up to 512 cores. VIZ 2008 is
    limited to 4 cores.
    • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. VIZ is limited to only a 32-bit version.
    • “Review” viewport improvements allow you to preview real-time shadows,
    photometric lights, Arch & Design materials and sun/sky system directly in
    the viewport. VIZ requires you to render to see these.
    • 10 times the performance gains over VIZ for scenes composed of tens of
    thousands of objects.
    • “Reveal” iterative rendering optimizations for mental ray allow accelerated
    rendering of incremental changes or specific regions and objects
    • Enhanced DWG workflow with Select Similar, new memory management for
    handling large scenes, improved normal and material support from Revit
    DWG files, new material support for DWG Solid Objects and various other
    • “Recognize” scene loading technology for interoperability with Revit
    Architecture 2009; allowing cameras, geometries, materials and lights to be
    easily imported into 3ds Max with a high degree of fidelity.
    • “Exposure” lighting analysis technology for assisting in LEED 8.1
    • ProBooleans (enhanced Boolean tools based on Npower Power Booleans)
    • Scene Explorer for managing scenes with thousands of objects and
    exposing Revit metadata for objects imported from Revit.

    • Fully-rigged character animation system and library of motions (Biped)
    • Particle system for realistic effects
    • Reactor real-time physics system
    • Cloth system for banners, curtains and clothes
    • Hair system for grass, fur, hair
    • Sub-object animation (deformable vertices)
    Q: Can I run 3ds Max Design and 3ds Max side-by-side?
    A: Not on the same computer system. You must uninstall one product to install the
    other product.
    Q: Can I use both products in a production environment?
    A: Yes. Since 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design are based on the same binary, data
    moves seamlessly between them and both can be used together in a Backburner
    rendering network.
    Q: Will my MAX scripts work in both products?
    A: Unless you have written a script that requires the Exposure lighting analysis
    feature to be present, there are no known differences between running a script
    created in 3ds Max on 3ds Max Design.
    Q: I have floating licenses of 3ds Max, how will things work?
    A: You will have a single license that can work with either 3ds Max or 3ds Max
    Design. For example, if you have a pool of five floating 3ds Max licenses, you can
    use any combination of 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design with these five licenses
    without any special configuration or modifications.
    Q: Will Autodesk Subscription benefits remain the same for each product?
    A: Yes. Both products will offer the same Autodesk Subscription programs and
    benefits. This is subject to change.
    Q. When will 3ds Max Design 2009 be available?
    A. 3ds Max Design 2009 (English) is scheduled to ship at the end of March 2008.
    Q: What is the price of 3ds Max Design 2009?
    A: 3ds Max Design 2009 software pricing is identical to that of 3d Max 2009. Please
    consult pricing with your local reseller.
    Q: Will a manual be included in the product packages?
    A: In a corporate-wide effort to support “green” initiatives, no printed documentation
    will be shipped with either product. 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009
    documentation will be available in electronic form on the installation DVD and for
    download. To learn more about Autodesk’s green initiatives, visit:
    Q. Can I try the either product?
    A. Yes. Users wishing to work with either 3ds Max 2009 or 3ds Max Design 2009
    may download a free* 30-day trial from the Autodesk website. Visit:
    http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax or http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmaxdesign.

    Q: What is Autodesk Authorized Training, and how do I get it?
    A: Autodesk Authorized Training is designed to accelerate your career with
    Autodesk software. Get trained at an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC),
    with hands-on, instructor-led classes to help you enhance your productivity and
    heighten return on investment. You can make Autodesk Official Training
    Courseware (AOTC) a key part of your product training, and learn from the best with
    content developed by Autodesk subject-matter experts. Earn Autodesk certification
    to prove your experience, reliably validate your skills and knowledge, enhance
    credibility in your field and maximize your value. For more information about these
    learning solutions, visit www.autodesk.com/authorizedtraining,
    www.autodesk.com/aotc , and www.autodesk.com/certification
    Q: Do 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009 integrate with other Autodesk
    A: Yes. The FBX-based Recognize scene loading technology enables 3ds Max
    Design users to quickly and accurately import geometry, lights, materials, and
    cameras from Revit 2009 scenes. Improved support for DWG files results in faster,
    more accurate importing of data from other popular Autodesk applications such as
    the AutoCAD family of products. Also, the Autodesk FBX file interchange format
    allows users to easily transfer assets to and from 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and
    Autodesk MotionBuilder software products, as well as any other content creation
    package that support FBX.
    Q: What operating systems are supported for 3ds Max Design 2009; 32-bit?
    A: Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating
    system (SP 2 or higher).
    Q: What operating systems are supported for 3ds Max Design 2009; 64-bit?
    A: Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64.
    Q: Is the price for 3ds Max Design 2009 64-bit the same as for the 32-bit
    A: Yes. Customers purchasing 3ds Max Design 2009 will receive software for both
    32-bit and 64-bit operating systems (Windows only). Both systems will use the same
    licensing so customers are able to use either 32-bit or 64-bit 3ds Max Design 2009
    on their workstation (hardware and OS must be present that supports this
    Q. Can 3ds Max Design be purchased as a Network license?
    A. Yes, 3ds Max Design is available in Standalone and Network versions for Full
    System Commercial, Not for Resale (NFR), and Education license types.
    Q. Will my plug-ins from the previous version of 3ds Max work with 3ds Max
    2009 or 3ds Max Design 2009?
    A. No. Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 and earlier versions of plug-ins will need to be
    recompiled with Microsoft Visual C++, Service Pack 1 in order to be compatible with
    3ds Max 2009 or 3ds Max Design 2009. In order for plug-ins to work with the 64-bit
    versions, they will require porting to that operating system.
    Q. Will 3ds Max Design 2009 be able to access file data from 3ds Max 2009 and
    previous versions of 3ds Max?
    A. Yes. To facilitate the transition to 3ds Max Design, files/scenes saved in 3ds Max
    2008 are forward compatible with 3ds Max Design 2009. However, if a scene has
    been saved with plug-ins using a prior version of 3ds Max, it may not load properly if
    the plug-ins have not been updated for 3ds Max Design 2009.

    Q: Can I load data created with the 64-bit versions in the 32-bit versions of 3ds
    Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009?
    A. Yes, data created with the 64-bit version of 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design
    2009 will load in the 32-bit version of either product.

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    Это странно?
    Они для нашего удовольствия программы пишут или для прибыли?
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    это не странно, но это настораживает... если так дальше пойдет, то появится макс для аниматоров, макс для моделлеров и тп- за ту же цену ,конечно (ну...чуть дешевле), при невозможности установки на одну систему более одной версии (!)
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