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manage layers visibility

Тема в разделе "Adobe Illustrator", создана пользователем -, 12 мар 2003.

  1. Guest

    Anyone know the reason why, when I saved/closed a v10 file with (for example) 2 layer activated.........when I open it again ..........only one layer is it activated and don't keep my saved situation ?

    tks a lot
  2. Guest

    вот жешь блин проблемы у человека=)
  3. Guest

    could you please write in english ? tks
  4. Guest

    Reason is known — nobody promise that you want. :)
    (excuse my English)
  5. Guest

    second layer only nonactivated or does not contain the graphics ?
  6. Guest

    If you have installed MultiPage plug-in only top Layer is visible on the file open — it identified as a thirst page in multipage document. Make all layers as sublayers by single top layer in document.
    That is your problem?
  7. Guest

    >> only top Layer is visible
    …and master Page layer visible (if exist) — this is lowermost layer in the Layer palette.
  8. Guest

    «a thirst page» in my previous message must read as «a first page».
    Excuse my English. :)
  9. Guest

    hi Shlypa, i have installed Multipage and probably you are right !
    your english is good to resolve my problem ! 8)
    now i check !
  10. Guest

    You welcome! :)
  11. Guest

    you are supermegabuper!!!!!! monsters of adobe illustrator=)

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