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Лучший 3d-пакет

Тема в разделе "3D-болтуны", создана пользователем -, 7 янв 2005.

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    Computer Arts, the world's best-selling creative magazine, pitted the top five 3D animation products against each other.

    In the blue corner was CINEMA 4D. In the red corner, Maya 6.0, SoftImage XSI 4.2, LightWave 8.0 and 3ds max 7.

    The knockout punch proved to be CINEMA 4D's unbeatable combo of power and ease of use. Computer Arts declared CINEMA 4D the undisputed heavyweight king of 3D animation apps!

    Computer Arts said:

    "CINEMA 4D wins this group test because it has the most to offer for the widest range of 3D work. It's as capable an architectural visualiser as a character animation tool.

    "(CINEMA 4D is) an excellent all-purpose 3D system that can tackle most 3D scenarios without making you jump through hoops ... consistently strong across the board.

    "Overall, CINEMA 4D R9 combines ease of use with powerful features and an elegant workspace."
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