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Looking for Talented Artists

Тема в разделе "Вакансии и поиск работы", создана пользователем -, 13 янв 2001.

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    REGO is still looking for talented artists to help create a short animated movie based on the work from 'cross-internet' resources. REGO has now launched their new project site, complete with info on the storyboard, graphics, sound, and other project elements as well as an interactive environment for participating members.

    By visiting the REGO site, you can now sign up online, view the rules, and check out the scope of the project. They are still looking for more participants as well as project sponsors. Says Claus Hemmingsen, "The 3D movie project is very much alive." He says a number of Caligari users are signing up for work on the project.

    If you are interested in getting involved, contact ch@rego.dk. To read more about the project, please visit http://www.rego.dk/rego/anim.asp

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