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Lipsinc mimic

Тема в разделе "Poser", создана пользователем -, 6 ноя 2001.

  1. Guest

    Please am looking for a crack for the eval version of Lipsinc software's
    Mimic for Poser (lipsinc.com). or the full version. The downloadable demo only allows you to use the sample files included---a little hard to tell what this
    program can do on the actualy sound files you might really be using.
    This is a utility program for Poser 4.o (www.curiouslabs.com) the 3d
    posing and modeling program.

    Thanks :|
  2. Guest

    I have it. Leave an email.

    Greetings: HeroShirt

    P.S. And I am looking for Metacreations Dance studio, if u have it...if u don't - nevermind :)
  3. Guest

    check your email heroshirt :) and THANKS A MILLION !
  4. Guest

    Dance studio ------ please, mail me if you have it.

  5. Guest

    I really really need it :-( And no one has it :-(

    Greetings: HeroShirt
  6. Figaro

    Figaro Знаток

    С нами с:
    HeroShirt, I need the crack for mimic as well, plzzzzzz!!
    My email: c_figer@hotmail.com
    Thanks a bunch!
  7. Guest

    check your e-mail and pls, will someone find that fuckin' Metacreations Dance Studio :-(((

    Greetings: HeroShirt
  8. Guest

    Enybody! Pls hlp me!!!
    if you have crack for mimic and DanceStudio
    please send me via @mail.

    too many thanks!!!

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