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История 3DsMAX'a

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем -, 22 апр 2004.

Модераторы: Артер
  1. Guest

    Народ, помогите найти информацию о истории топика.
    Например, когда вышла первая, вторая и.д. версия, что умела,
    и т.д.
    По моделингу я и сам напишу, а вот с историей всегда туго было =)
    Заранее спасибо!

    P.s. готовлю доклад в институте. =)
  2. Guest

    в 96 первая вроде..ничего не умела. у меня дома стоит, для прикола. вобще ничего..да и весит 12Мб..собственно если порыться в yandex и скачать можно
  3. Trofimov Artem

    Trofimov Artem Активный участник

    С нами с:
    а что касается 3д студио под ДОС? есть такой антиквариат где нить?
  4. Guest

    У меня на диске валяется. Для прикола.
  5. Guest

    2.1.2 The "MAX" story

    The following sections are taken from the Kinetix website.

    When 3D Studio MAX was released in the Spring of 1996, it delivered the first
    object oriented animation system designed for Windows NT. While many were
    taken with its unified interactive environment, or the ability to animate
    virtually anything and revisit operations at any time, 3DS MAX's thorough
    extensibility was probably its most important innovation. Studios quickly
    developed custom production tools, game developers forged conduits to their
    engines, and scores of seamless plug-in products were available to the rapidly
    growing MAX community in less than a year.

    The MAX Team rapidly built upon the solid 3D Studio MAX foundation, delivering
    a feature rich Release 2 just 18 months after MAX first shipped, and following
    that with an impressive Release 2.5 a mere 7 months later. While it may have
    appeared to some that 3DS MAX simply achieved feature parity with some older
    3D systems, those using it realized those same abilities delivered substanti-
    ally more power and possibility when integrated into MAX's unified, object-
    oriented NT environment. That fact was certainly not lost on many, as MAX has
    become the chosen tool for over 90,000 animators around the world.

    Now, just 3 years after 3DS MAX was first available, and less then one year
    after R2.5, Kinetix is proud to announce 3D Studio MAX Release 3 - a very
    significant release that revolutionizes the workflow and productivity of
    animators and studios alike. While the 3D Studio MAX architecture has served
    well, the growing needs of animators and the competitive nature of their
    industry showed Kinetix that improvements to core areas were needed to ensure
    MAX artists would continue having what they required to stay in the lead for
    the years ahead in both efficiency and capabilities. MAX R3 does not shy
    away from large issues or answer problems with work-arounds - it delivers
    fundamental architectural innovations, and significant workflow improvements
    that take advantage of those innovations, to deliver an outstanding creative
    tool for 3D animation.
Модераторы: Артер

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