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IronCAD brings mechanical solid modeling to Rhino

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 10 авг 2002.

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    В этой штуке есть какой-то рендерер ...

    Комбинация Rhino и программного обеспечения моделирования механических твердых веществ IronCAD Inovate обеспечивает разработчиков значимыми улучшениями призводительности.

    With Inovate, Rhino users can now:

    Shell a part/model – Shelling solids provides a quick and simple alternative to offsetting surfaces. It provides predictable and stable results that can be edited as needed.

    Create ribs, bosses, and other mechanical details – Inovate’s award-winning catalog-based design tools allow design features to be dragged and dropped onto a model and easily positioned or resized using simple-to-use handles.

    Powerful positioning tools – Position features, parts, and assemblies easier than you ever thought possible using tools found only in Inovate, such as SmartSnap, TriBall, SmartDimensions, dynamic mate and align.

    Simplified feature editing – Inovate supports a full feature tree popular in today’s leading MCAD systems. It allows quick access and individual editing of each feature. Unique to Inovate is its ability to edit any feature relative to any other feature/part/assembly no regardless of their order in the tree structure.

    Animate and visualize the model – Inovate's simple-to-use SmartMotion animation integrates motion simulation into the design process by linking features and constraint dependencies.

    Exchange data – Rhino and Inovate have the ability to exchange data in both solid and surface formats such as ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, and others. In addition, Inovate offers direct support for Pro/E and CATIA part files. Newly updated surfaces or solids can be applied into already existing designs allowing a high level of connectivity. Inovate's automatic feature recognition is a real time saver when importing.
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