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I found Dance Studio

Тема в разделе "Poser", создана пользователем -, 30 ноя 2001.

  1. Guest

    ...and it looks great!
    Import the music and the model begins to dance. U can control the dance if u want with the keyboard (the whole keyboard!). In the end export as a bvh file and have fun in Poser


    ...@!#$ the bvh export doesn't work correct. I found a post somewhere that there is a patch which corrects this.

    So here's the deal - find that patch (for Metacreations Dance Studio) and I will upload the software whereever u people want (the program is useless without that patch for us).

    Greetings: HeroShirt
  2. Guest

    Please upload it somewhere, and let know...

    this is the last among MC software i don't have, by the face those who wanted crak for face gen, give ftp to upload to.
    a teper po russki:

    eto posledniy iz MC softov kotorye ya sobirayu(krome avatar lab- kstaty demka vishla ushe--pora krakat)
    te kto xotel facegen krak daite ftp dlya zagruski
  3. Guest

    I told you - Dance Studio is useless without the update because it fixes the BVH export (which u need for Poser).

    Go and find Dance Studio update - from v.1.00 to v.1.01 - and I will be happy to give you the software.

    Greetings: HeroShirt
  4. Guest

    look if i fail to find the MC studio, and i really tried --- how can i get the update.
    Anyway, all i am asking is to help me.

    If you really wanna help, please do.
    may be others will help you once you offer generously.
  5. Guest

    Man I think u didn't understand me.


    if u think that I will upload 135 megs on my 33.6 just for u to get sure that u cannot use it with Poser (or anything else) - you are wrong.
    Without the update - it's just a game.
    I will spend few days to upload it if there is any way we all to use it - for now we can't.

    Greetings: HeroShirt

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