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help with vray licence system

Тема в разделе "VRAY", создана пользователем -, 10 мар 2005.

Модераторы: morro
  1. Guest

    hi all
    sorry i cant speak russian
    please someone help me and explain me in english process with licence.

    i do all writen in instructions and its not working - "all licence engaged"
    i have win2000 sp4, max7, vray, (without firewall, only antivirus NOD)
    pls help me someone
  2. Guest

    write here instructions you have tried to do
  3. Guest

    i tried this:
    Overwrite vrlserver.exe in max directory
    Copy VRFLServer.ini in c:\program files\common files\ChaosGroup
    Start vrlserver.exe --- run vrlserver.exe AFTER copying the ini file or it will not work!!
    Start max, f10, choose vray render,and write in the configuration box of vray your computer's name
    restart max

    vray licence server: new connection
    closed connection

    i dont know what's the problem
  4. aramdi

    aramdi Знаток

    С нами с:
    check accuracy of writing computer's name
  5. Guest

    i tried cumputer name, IP - not working.
    maybe waiting for better crack
  6. Guest

    аналогичная проблема и у меня, ошибки быть не может т.к. раньше все работало
  7. Guest

    Hi Slovenian brother ;))) Close all firewalls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Guest

    да что мертвому припарка :) да и кстати у меня даже дефолтовый файрвол отключен.
  9. Guest

    это нужно каждый раз перед запуском макса запускать VRLserver?
  10. Guest

    hi, i am form china , sorry i cant speak russian too!

    my vray is the same to KoLoToC!
    new connection
    closed connection

    my cuputer is windonws 2000 sp4
    what can t do? who can help me?
  11. Guest

    I dont speak russian too but im having the same problem, i formatted the computer and vray worked again only yesterday, but today stopped working. its driving me nuts!!!. Witch antivirus do you people with working vray uses? my guess is that it stopped working after i installed NOD32 antivirus, im going to uninstall it to see what happens.
Модераторы: morro

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