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Тема в разделе "Combustion & Toxik", создана пользователем -, 24 апр 2002.

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    работают ли плаги для ае в клмбахе и как их устанавливать если это возможно
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    работают но не все, устанавливаются путем копирования
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    Sometimes reed help !!!!!!!!!

    Using Third-Party Plug-Ins
    Various third-party plug-ins are supported in combustion in addition to the operators available.

    Various Adobe® After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop®-compatible third-party plug-ins are supported. These include products from MetaCreations®, DigiEffects®, Cycore®, Ultimatte®, and others. Most plug-ins compatible with Adobe Photoshop are designed exclusively for single images, and, as such, are not keyframeable within combustion.

    Discreet cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with Adobe third-party plug-ins, so check the Discreet web site (www.discreet.com) for a list of approved and tested plug-ins. (From the Support page, select combustion and search for "plugins" in the knowledgebase.)

    Photoshop Filter Emulation
    If you want the Photoshop filters to appear more integrated in the combustion user interface, you can enable Photoshop Filter Emulation. This converts the Photoshop filter palettes into sliders that appear in the filter controls in combustion. With some Photoshop filters, combustion can also create animation channels, allowing you to animate the effect created in Photoshop.

    To enable Photoshop Filter Emulation:
    Choose File | Preferences.
    Click General, and then enable Photoshop Filter Emulation.

    Installing Adobe Plug-ins
    To use Adobe plug-ins with combustion, set up the plug-ins folders as follows.

    To use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins with combustion on the Macintosh platform:
    Create an alias of the After Effects and/or Photoshop Plugins folder.
    Drag the alias into the Plugins folder inside combustion.
    To use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins with combustion on the Windows platform:
    Copy the After Effects and/or Photoshop Plugins folder into the combustion Plugins folder. Rename the copied folder to avoid overwrite conflicts.
    Copy any required .dll files into the combustion root folder.
    The plug-ins appear in the Operators menu in combustion. They are organized by type, for example, the AE Color key is placed in the Keying menu.

    To install Adobe After Effects plug-ins on Macintosh and/or Windows:
    Install the plug-ins directly from the original CD, but instead of choosing the After Effects folder, select the combustion Plugins folder.

    Note: You cannot simply copy the plug-in files. As a consequence, the built-in plug-ins that come with After Effects do not work with combustion.


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