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fR 1.4 Patch

Тема в разделе "FinalRender", создана пользователем -, 11 май 2002.

Модераторы: Stanislav Linus
  1. Guest

    This is to inform our customers, that the finalrender Stage-0 R1.4 patch is ready for download from the family web!

    This patch includes all fixes of bugs reported so far and some new additions to make live and image quality much better!

    Also note that the color shadow map is now able to use/create IFL files. This allows you to easily define when and how long a shadow is used i nthe final rendering. This is a really great improvement and was a #1 wish from all of our users.

    The same with tBaker multiselect. Many users asked for a multiselect option in tBaker. Now, it's in there! Also the quality of the baked maps is improved a lot. The appreance of seams is much reduced now.

    AntiAliasing is also improved in this build! Using DOF is now creating less artifacts in the sharp regions like it happened before.

    Intersection testing is now faster and more accurate than ever. You will hardly get artifacts when using scanliner and GI or finalRender and GI.

    1.4 fixes....
    + Much more enhanced tBaker functionality
    + tBaker: Selection of multiple objects is now possible
    + tBaker: Enhanced unwrapping of UV coordinates
    + tBaker: Reduction of GI-rendering artifacts even with low settings
    + Transfer from MAX-VolumeLight to fRvolumeLight fixed
    + Several crashes in bucket mode fixed
    + Black dots in tBaker vertice colors fixed
    + fRShadowMaps now uses IFL files
    + Object visiblity track problem fixed
    + Some lisence issues fixed
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    А пробовал его кто ставить без крэка?
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    Paul Oblomov ya che tebe pisal gde ego mozno slit? Ya pomoemu Elendil pisal a ne tebe!!!
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    Если ты бы нашел его ещё......
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    А ведь верно, где же слить это новое творение Cebas?
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    Slit eto tvorenie mozno na ihnem site..............dlyta zaregestrirovanih userov...
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    Да, а я не знал! ВАУ!! Конечно об этом вверху не написано....
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    U MENYA показать все STOIT!!!!!
Модераторы: Stanislav Linus

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