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День великой печали ! :(

Тема в разделе "Cinema 4D", создана пользователем -, 15 янв 2003.

  1. Guest

    bhodiNUT is sad to announce that we are closing our doors. It has been an interesting run these past few years but we are unable to continue either financially or enthusiastically. Due to finances, politics and personal issues we can no longer keep bhodiNUT open. We apologize to all of our users that were hoping for more from us in the future. We have had plenty of ideas, unfortunately this has not been a successful venue to bring them to life.

    If you own a license to Praline, Penny or JENNA you can log into your account on bhodiNUT.com and retrieve a v8 serial number for those licenses until the end of February 2003. Unfortunately we will not be releasing any compatibility updates for any of this software for C4D v8. All of it is usable on some level in v8 but there are issues, especiallly in JENNA. You use this software at your own risk and it is fully unsupported by us.

    We wish all of you the best in your future projects. Goodbye.

    bhodiNUT llc

    :: info@bhodinut.com
    :: http://www.bhodinut.com
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