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Crack for Poser Pro Pack SR3?

Тема в разделе "Poser", создана пользователем -, 15 янв 2002.

  1. Guest

    I don't speak Russian, so I couldn't follow your postings. I hope that some of you can help me anyway.
    Is there already a crack or a valid serial number for the Pro Pack SR3 and it's plugins for 3DSMAX and Cinema4d? If yes, please post it.
    Thank you very much!
  2. Guest

    Anton see http://ppack.narod.ru/
    download unblacklister-SR2.zip - it have SN for Poser and PPP SR2, but I used for SR3
  3. Guest

    I already tried, but it didn't work. How do you exactly use it?
  4. Guest

    It don't work? It's strangely Ж:-о
    Yesterday I reinstall Poser, after instal the PPP, SR3. Cracked poser.exe by pprosr2-unblacklister.exe, after it opened pprosr2-unblacklister.exe / button "ReadMe" scrolled down list, run poser.exe and copied SN for Poser and PPP from the list.
    Did you also?
  5. Guest

    common, guy is just playing here...
    tut prosto igrayut s vami
  6. Guest

    vi obaldeli ? eto z hakerskij forum %-)
  7. Guest

    So I can only use SR3 with unblacklister2 if I reinstall Poser? Is there no way to apply SR3 to an existing version of Poser?
  8. Guest

    No. :0)) I reinstalled Poser becouse Win98 was reinstalled. And wrote about it as recent example.
    Take from unblacklister2 SN for Poser (!!! old SN will be unsuitable !!!) and SN for PPP.
  9. Guest

    1. Установите PPP и SR3.
    (При установке SR3 прямо укажите Folder, где расположен poser.exe,
    иначе, Installer заявит, что не видит правильно установленного PPP)
    2. Cracked poser.exe by Unblacklister.
    Для этого с помощью Unblacklister's Browser
    найдите poser.exe,
    click button "Open",
    click button "Crack".
    (Unblacklister выдаст сообщение, что CRC failed -
    - не обращайте внимания !)
    3. Нажмите Unblacklister's button "ReadMe" и запишите SN for
    Poser and PPP.
    4. Запустите Poser Pro ( poser.exe ).
    5. Введите эти SN.

  10. Guest

    pls,,i can`t fine the crack fil for poser pro pack in nardo.ru,,,,pls any one can send to me by e mail,,,thanks

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