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Combustion vr AE

Тема в разделе "Combustion & Toxik", создана пользователем -, 23 янв 2002.

  1. Guest

    В чем преимущества сомбашена перед АЕ? объясните плиз кто знает. Просто с комбашеном я еще не работал, а с АЕ - очень плотно. Конкретно интересует различия в алгоритме цветокоррекции, в камера трекинге, во взаимодействии с майей.
  2. Andrei_S

    Andrei_S Активный участник

    С нами с:
    Насчет именно алгоритма цветокоррекции ничего сказать не могу.
    Насчет трекинга, ты наверное путаешь трекинг камеры и трекинг обьектов.
    Так вот в комбашке очень качественный именно трекинг обьектов, а для трекинга камеры применяют вообще отдельный софт.
    А взаимодействия с майкой у комбашки нет никакого на данный момент.
  3. Guest

    Немного добавлю.

    Дело в том, что в С* модули keyer, tracker и color correction, взяты с Flame, поэтому в них есть возможности от более дорогого пакета.

    С Майей взаимодействует только С*2

    Привожу список новых функций в С*2 (прастите что по английски)

    What's New in Version 2.0
    Here is a list of the new features in combustion 2.0.

    Particles operator—2D particle system
    Schematic view—Flowchart-style view of the process tree
    Footage Library view in viewport
    Variable bit depth—8, 10, 12 or 16 bits per channel, or floating point throughout combustion (except the Particles operator, which is 8 bits per channel)
    LUTs—Bit Depth image tools
    View LUTs—Calibrate your monitor
    Add Grain and Remove Grain operators
    Redesigned text tools (in Paint and a separate Text operator)
    backburner network rendering system on Windows systems
    OpenGL support—Used in viewport for composites, and in the Particles operator
    OpenGL rendering mode
    2D composites for faster rendering
    Operators panel (and floating Favorites palette) for quick access to operators, especially for Schematic view
    Commit to Disk feature for pre-rendering
    Switcher operator for switching between two or more image flows quickly
    Speed channel for Paint, Composite, Mask, Selection, and Particles operators
    Masks, Selection, and Paint objects have edge gradients (masks are now like "GMasks" in Discreet SGI-based systems)
    FTP after rendering—Automatically post image files to an FTP site
    Support for QuickTime Streaming format
    Interlace, Deinterlace, Broadcast Safe Colors, and Reverse Dominance operators for video work
    Quick Capture—a QuickTime capture utility
    Asynchronous File Input/Output—Frees computer resources as file are imported and rendered
    Macintosh OS X native support
    New draw/transfer modes added to Paint and Composite operators


    What's Changed in Version 2.0
    Here is a list of some changed features in combustion 2.0. Other smaller improvements are not listed here.

    You can save a thumbnail with a workspace file, and then see it in the file browser when you open the workspace.
    The Cropping feature in the Footage operator is improved.
    A shortcut to the Display Time As preference is added. To switch between Timecode, Frames from 0, and Frames from 1, click the Duration box in the playback controls.
    Due to the changes for the Schematic view, you can add an operator to the top of a branch (farthest downstream node).
    In the Modes controls for the Paint and Mask operators, there are new buttons for Swap Foreground and Background Colors, and Default Colors. The respective hot keys are still X and D.
    There is a new option on the status bar called Error Alert. You can click the warning icon to view any error messages (such as when an applied transfer mode is not possible in the OpenGL composite preview).
    Composite controls are reorganized due to the new 2D composite mode. There is an extra category of controls named Output and some items are rearranged.
    You can import and render DPX files. You can import Maya IFF files, and import and render QuickTime Streaming files.
    Since higher bit depths are supported, the Cineon Color Convertor operator is not available unless a version 1.0 workspace already includes it. Also, the Cineon render options have changed.
    One new Footage preference sets whether Cineon files are converted automatically to Linear format when you import them, and another sets the bit depth to use.
    The Levels operator is not available unless a version 1.0 workspace already includes it.
    Options are added to the New dialog (such as Bit Depth), and you can add Text and Particles branches to the workspace in one step.
    The options in the Object | New menu are moved to the Object menu. The Composite/Paint/Solid Layer menu option is renamed New Layer.
    The Toolbar options for the four-corner layer shape are removed. Instead, you can select the corners immediately after you enable Four-Corner (to do corner-pinning, for example).
    The behavior of the Magnify tool is changed such that you can drag in the viewport or scrub the button to zoom in or out without deselecting the current tool. The same behavior applies to the Grab tool for panning the viewport.
    In the Movie menu, there are new options for Mark In Point, Mark Out Point, Go to In Point, and Mark Out Point.
    Several hot keys have changed. For example, you can press Ctrl+; (Windows) or Command+; (Macintosh) to show the Preferences dialog.
    The Anti-aliasing and Supersampling options in the composite Settings controls are still available for Best mode only, but the buttons are no longer disabled for other display modes.
    The RPF options in the composite Layer controls are only available after you select a layer that uses RPF/RLA footage.
    The Home command is available in the Window menu and via a hot key (=).
    Tooltips are available in the Toolbar for the Composite, Paint, Mask, Selection, Text, and Particles operators. A preference controls if they are displayed.
    The Reverse Load Order preference is removed. Footage is always arranged in the Workspace panel such that the last clip selected appears on top of the stack.
    combustion can read and write AVI files larger than 2 GB, and the program can read AVI clips from edit that were encoded in Draft mode.
    The sliders for Cropping in the Footage controls are more intuitive. Dragging inward makes the crop value increase, which cuts more of the image off. Negative cropping increases the frame size in the Footage operator.
    combustion supports the wheel and middle button on a mouse if available. The wheel changes the zoom factor and the middle button pans the viewport. In a 'list gadget' such as the Workspace panel, the wheel also scrolls the content.
    As you change a value using a slider, you can right-click to cancel the change.
    In the Mask operator, the Invert option for the Global Apply Mode is now disabled by default. Also, as you draw an ellipse or rectangle mask object, the object switches to display outlines only.

  4. Guest

    Понял, что интсрумент хороший, особенно, если там появлись возможности интеграции с Майей. А С-2 объемом 128 мег можно поставить сам по себе или ему нужен С-1?
  5. Guest

    С*2 ставится совершенно не зависимо от С*1.
  6. Guest

    Master3d прав насчет модулей по цветокорекции, действительно с более дорогих продуктов Discreet, но перенеся данные пакеты на ibm, помоему не учитывалось железо этих продуктов - короче скорость в АЕ даже при значительном кол-ве фильтров по цветокорекции, отчасти дублирующих фильтры С* (без использования пакетов типа FilmFX и Сinelook) значительно быстрее.
  7. Ruslan_3D

    Ruslan_3D Активный участник

    С нами с:
    Цветокоррекция действительно просто великолепна (и быстро работает, по крайней мере у меня). Трекинг - заглядение. Мне приходилось немного работать с AfterFX - там это намного сложнее. А тут у каждого оператора, вершины объекта типа Paint или Particle есть закладочка - Tracker. Выбрал, нажал, подкоректировал если надо и все. Discreet Keyer тоже заглядение - намного мощнее чем в AfterFX вместе с плагинами для хромокея.
    Трекинг камеры неделает. Для этого нужен MachMover или MayaLive. А с поддержкой Maya .IFF формата и с Мауа работать можно. Немного глючит при переключении каналов ( по крайней мере у меня), а так все ОК. Инфомация о глубине проходит. Все операторы для 3D работают.
    Scept - есть вопрос: Где нашел 128Mb инсталяшки, Что там в архиве?
  8. Guest

    взял по этому адресу у китайских братьев :)
    там есть кряк. Но я еще не ставил.
  9. Guest

    this is link from NLE forum. I found combustion there.

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