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Cinema 4D R9 - new Thread

Тема в разделе "Cinema 4D", создана пользователем -, 15 окт 2004.

  1. Guest

    I opened a new thread because the old is tooo big :)


    @ cracking cinema R9 ..
    i found a entry:

    i have a cinema 8.1 crack. that adds some entries in the registry !

    in the registry - localmaschine > software > MC4D

    soo and now : when i enter a serial in cinema r9 it says "wrong ... "and then I exit, so on next start up there are is the same number in and all the other things filled out !

    BUT ... When now I delete the values in MC4D --- and start cinema all the fields are BLANK .... sooo thats good i know where the serial is stored in registry.

    But that doesn't mean that i know which other value is correct to start up cinema :/ hmm
    funny story i remember how i "cracked" shave and haircut 1.0 :) .. i installed 1.0 ... and i had no serial .. then i installed the update 1.2 (i think) .. and then i worked :) heheh
  2. Guest

    and there are also other small hints ... for example when u install Shave and Haircut ... it musst be burned on a cd and installed from a cd ... (so was that in my version of SH) .. but when i install it in the maxon folder it gives me an error ...

    so i just took all the *txt. files an put in an other temp-folder (do not delete them because without them cinema cannt uninstall) ... so now when i moved the *-txt files i could install SH without problems .....

    But i don't how could all these tricks work with our cinema R9 ...
  3. Guest

    I see u rather experienced in such things. We usually go more simple way. But yor advices is very very interesting. We'll try something like this. The more users will try their own combination the quicker we'll try new release.
  4. Guest

    Well about the Paradox Keygen rar file...
    I think it is not fake because the last Keygen was also over 9MB big, but we still have the password problem and i think bruteforce wont help here.
    Maybe somebody with good programming expiriences in C or C++ could just try to hack Winrar on that way and try to kill the password protection of Winrar.
    But this is just an idea, i'm not sure if it works
  5. Guest

    where do you find paradox keygen???
  6. Guest

    hmmm jop nice idea, but when we had someone with good hack skills, he could also hack cinema's serials protection :) ...

    but ... someone said its sure that the pw is the url where it was downloaded. i also think so ! And every file in edonkey has a hash-code ! we could try to get more infos about the file, using the hash code ! and so we could maybe find out where its from ..... I already searched for a site where i can get infos about a hash-code but i found nothing :(

    That's the hash-code from this file :
  7. Guest

    translation of Big Natal's message:
    перевод сообщения: (в моей интерпретации)

    ...кто-то говорил, что паролем может быть URL, но как быть с ослом? Так вот, товарищ утверждает, что по хэшу можно найти источник (сайт) откуда пришёл файл, но в данном случае он найти не смог :(
  8. Guest

    Представьте работу профессионалам, не надо суетиться...
  9. Guest

    Вы их представитель?
    А если профессионалов не будет?
    А если кому-то самому интересно?
    А если кому-то надо срочно и здесь подскажут выход?
    Кроме того, суть последнего сообщения не в том, о чём вы подумали, а в том, что по хэшу можно найти источник.
  10. Guest

    found new file : german : "KEIN FAKE !!! Serial Cinema 4D Release 9 !!!.txt"
    -> english "NO FAKE !!! Serial Cinema 4D Release 9 !!!.txt "

    sooo :) I REAAAALY hope thats real :/ ..but the download haven't startet yet ... so please every one ad this link to your download engines :)

    ed2k://|file|KEIN FAKE !!! Serial Cinema 4D Release 9 !!!.txt|446|9538059aa9d9326beaed348abea3b76f|

  11. Guest

    Ню-ню :) Ща посмотрим :)

    Thanks Big Natal! Now I shall try to download your link. You understand me or I write with mistakes?
  12. Guest

    no i understand you ...

    i am using eDonkey/ emule .. ! just install edonkey and then just copy the link into your browser and it should be automaticly added into edonkey ...
  13. Guest

    I use eDonkey more year, and I know as with it to work. :) I asked you about my English language. You understand my offers or in them there are mistakes.
    And the your link is already added, only it was not loaded meanwhile :)
  14. Guest

    Oh man sorry ! i am sooo tired i had very less sleep and i didn't read your msg exactly !
    ---> but yes i can understand you ! :)

    i know the link doesn't download :( i have one user ! who has this file ! and every few minutes i am connected to this user and it shows "transfering" ... but then i get disconnected to this user ! and after a minute it shows again "transfering" and than the same .... ... but it hasn't even downloaded 1 byte :(
  15. Guest

    is there any serial number on which C4D9 function? sending by mail -- it exchanges for the link of ?Shave2.5
  16. Guest

    Just downloaded via eDonkey

    it seems there is fake again :(
    but Advanced Renderer write that serial expired

    Vorbei mit der Serialfakerei, hier endlich eine korrekte Serial fьr C4D Release 9, die nun auch wirklich funktioniert...


    Advanced Renderer: 2222215-BPBD-FBLC-HVJM-RVLW

    ThinkinC Particles: 22201-BJSS-NVTB-CWBC-CJLB

    PyroCluster: 4000012-VBBM-JMDM-JLLD-NWCW

    Mocca: 5000012-VKWM-DJCC-RFPC-BBCP

    Dynamics: 60000129-NMBN-PKJV-SSBB-LCHB

    der unbekannte ausm kьhlen Sьden...

    Фих знает, короче поковыряюсь еще, есть кое-какие мысли...
  17. Guest

    Новый файл, найденый в осле нашим Большим Другом и выкаченный спустя какое-то время оказался очередной фейкятиной. Мне даже интересно стало кто эти номера придумывает? Ну ежику же ясно, что вероятнее всего он - номер - стоится по старой схеме, как в 8-ой версии...

    (11 цифр)-(4 буквы)-(4 буквы)-(4 буквы)-(4 буквы).

    То, что номер "2222215-BPBD-FBLC-HVJM-RVLW - has expired" - не означает что все номера должны быть подобны ему, потому как вот эти номера -

    Advanced Render:

    Thinking Particles:



    ... has expired" .

    Вобщем ждём`с.

    Big Natal - your link is fake again. In my post i write that the structure of number probably should be same as in 8-th version...

    11 numbers - 4 letters - 4 letters - 4 letters - 4 letters

    for example...

  18. Guest

    Феня только в том, что синька, кот. мултилангвидж пишет, что сериалы
    инклудед ин пакадж будут действовать в течении трех месяцев, но
    реально в пакадже их нет :(
    вполне возможно если время поменять, то этот серийник подойдет...

    б> То, что номер "2222215-BPBD-FBLC-HVJM-RVLW - has expired" - не означает что
    по семерке помню, что последние 4 цифры вроде как количество клиентов, начальные цифры не помню, но можно найти....
    и интересно чего-то во второй части сериала нет гласных букв...
  19. Guest

    Well i try it on an complete different way, i just download a torrent file called "C4D R9 XL.dmg" It is 2.72GB big and it looks like that this is the first real full version of Cinema 4D R9 Bundle and i realy hope that it is for windows pc and not for mac.
    Cuz i think the "not woking paradox keys" could work on this thing, maybe this is the version where paradoy tested their serials...
  20. Guest

    rasputin how you extract (record) the *.dmg file?

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