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Chracter Studio 4.1

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем -, 27 апр 2003.

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    кейген выложу чуть позже.

    Additional Notes About character studio® 4.1

    character studio 4.1 is not available as a CD. This download is the only source.

    To Install

    Download character_studio41.exe to a temporary folder.
    Run the downloaded file to begin the automatic setup.
    If the setup detects you have a previous installation of character studio installed, you must answer Yes to automatically uninstall the previous version before the installation of character studio 4.1 can continue.

    Please note: character studio 4.1will work on educational or trial licenses of 3ds max 5.1. If you are installing this download on a commercial license of 3ds max 5.1 you must purchase a character studio 4 license separately if you have not already done so. Users with a commercial license of 3ds max should contact their Reseller or check the Discreet online store for details on upgrading or purchasing character studio 4.

    The character studio 4.1 download is a complete copy of the character studio program files.
    The sample files are located on the Learning and Training CD that came with character studio 4.0.
    If you are installing version 4.1 of character studio over a previously authorized version of character studio 4.0 you should not be required to re-authorize.
    You must have the 3ds max™ 5.1 CD (which contains character studio 4) to enable ownership / authorization / registration of this software.
    The Help and Tutorial files are available from a separate download at http://www.discreet.com/support/cs/.
    After you have authorized character studio, save your work, shut down, and restart 3ds max before continuing.

    character studio 4.1 requires a working version of 3ds max 5.1 or 3ds max 5.1 SP1. It is not supported with earlier versions of 3ds max. To update your copy of 3ds max 5 to 3ds max 5.1 or 5.1 SP1, visit http://www.discreet.com/support/cs/ and click the Downloads button located on the left side of the page.
    All character studio 2.x, 3.x, and 4.0 data files remain forward-compatible in character studio 4.1.
    Files saved with character studio 4.1 cannot be used by earlier versions of character studio.
    Files created in previous versions of character studio must be re saved in version 4.1 before you can use them.
    character studio 4.1 Changes
    A full listing of changes is contained in the character studio 4.1 download in the cs41readme.rtf file.


    Previous versions of both 3ds max and BIP footstep motions are automatically converted to the software’s new pivot-based system when loaded.
    In character studio 4.1 an inconsistency was addressed to insure that IKBlend for limb attachments to 3ds max objects now work in a consistent manner for both arms and legs.
    The default Biped keyboard shortcut for left and right footstep creation has been changed to Alt+Q.
    In character studio 4.0 the default orientation of the biped's upper legs was "corrected" by rotating them 180 degrees. However, due to customer requests, we have reverted the upper legs to the old orientation by default in 4.1 because of issues with legacy data with Edit Mesh applied to the upper legs.
    Saving files containing 3ds max objects that are controlled by path constraints or non-keyable controllers (e.g. noise, script, etc.) to a BIP file is not supported.
    character studio 4.0 had body space neck rotation. Version 4.1 does not. When you load 4.0 files that used body space neck rotation, your animation will be corrected to look exactly how you made it, but without body space neck rotation.
    BIPED.INI - Four new flags were added
    ZeroFootHeight specifies what the value of the 'Set Lowest Starting Foot Height to Z = 0' toggle defaults to in the Load .BIP dialog. ZeroFootHeight=0 disables this.
    SaveSegment specifies that the Save Segment in the .BIP Save As dialog is on or off. SaveSegment=1 enables this feature.
    SaveLinkedObjectsInSnapshot toggles the ability to render the 3ds max objects linked to a biped when saving the snapshot, SaveLinkedObjectsInSnapshot=0 disables this.
    ShowDialogMissingMapsSave ShowDialogMissingMapsSave will allow users to disable the missing maps and missing UVW mapping when saving a .BIP. ShowDialogMissingMapsSave=0 will turn off the dialogs. Note: When turning off the dialog the .BIP snapshot will not be saved.

    For information about character studio extensions in MAXScript, see the compiled MAXScript Reference that ships with 3ds max 5.1 and character studio 4.

    Capturing lower spine’s influence by optional SACR marker has been improved. The bending of the lower back will now respond correctly to the SACR marker in character studio 4.1 and later versions. It should be placed near the base of the spine at a higher vertical level than the back waist markers. Although the SACR marker is optional, it is strongly recommended for getting the highest quality motion in the spine.

    Capturing toe motion was changed in character studio 4.0. The foot is now divided into two parts with the ball to toe motion being captured from the TOE and Metatarsal markers. Due to this new segmentation that provides for separate toe motion, the default feet are ideally (and by default) shorter (with toes proportionally longer) than on Biped 3.x or earlier versions. Therefore, it is recommended that new calibration files (.cal and .fig) be created to avoid misalignment caused by foot mismatches between the old versions and versions 4.0 or 4.1.

    In character studio 4.1 we have enhanced our support for better arm capture using optional inner elbow markers. If the arms are captured using the optional LILB (Left Inner Elbow) marker and RILB (Right Inner Elbow), potential "flipping" artifacts that sometimes arise when arm markers become collinear (when arms are straight) are practically eliminated.

    Direct support is provided for up to three props as part of the biped character in character studio 4.1.

    Before importing motion capture files (BVH or CSM), please consult the User Reference, or the bvh.rtf and csm.rtf documents in the cstudio\docs directory. The CSM files in the \houseofmoves directory all start with a calibration pose because Biped 4.1 uses the first frame to determine figure size and calibration of hip and feet angles in the absence of a Talent Definition FIG file. However, this is only for convenience of quick viewing.

    Note: The User Reference states that the file-specification documents, csm.rtf and bvh.rtf, are located in the cstudio\docs folder. This directory is found on the Learning and Training CD, not the main product CD. For best results, we strongly recommend that you always follow the guidelines in the csm.rtf document:
    Create "Talent Definition" files (CAL and FIG) for a given performer from a specifically recorded "calibration pose motion."
    Create BIP motions from the talent's CSM motions, using the same Talent Definition files from step 1.
    Using the Talent Definition files allows you to skip over the first frame so that it does not influence key-reduced motions.

    When using the network licensed version of 3ds max, you must also use the network licensed version of character studio. The character studio licenses function independently of 3ds max licenses. For example, you may purchase fewer character studio licenses than 3ds max licenses and "float" the character studio licenses among the 3ds max stations, as long as all are floating licenses (standalone licensed character studio does not function with 3ds max floating licenses).
    When using the network licensed version of character studio 4.1, you may choose between standalone or network licensed versions of 3ds max. In this case, it is important to set 3ds max and character studio to the correct licensing mode, using their respective license configuration switchers (installed in the 3ds max 5 Start menu folder).

    When using MAXScript in conjunction with network licensed character studio, there are two options to poll a license from the license server:
    1. Create a MAXScript with the lines below, and copy it to scripts\startup folder. This will authorize character studio every time the user starts max.
    startObjectCreation BipedSystem
    resetMaxFile #noPrompt

    2. Add the lines below to each individual scripts. This will get a license only when each script is executed.
    startObjectCreation BipedSystem
    -- resetMaxFile #noPrompt (uncomment this line if you want to reset the file)

    To render character studio animations using network rendering, each computer on your rendering network must have the same version of character studio. A result of not having the same version on all machines is floating feet or incomplete renders.
    When using Motion Flow Graphs, use UNC path names. For example, if your BIP file in your Motion Flow Graph is named:


    Change the name of the file in the Motion Flow Graph by right-clicking the clip and changing the name in the Clip Name text box to:


    where mypc5 is the network identification of the computer where the BIP file is located, and the c:\3dsmax5 folder has been shared as "3dsmax5".

    Physique can be assigned to any object type; however, if you assign it to non-Biped or non-Bones hierarchies, such as lights, cameras, or helper objects, and then initialize, the program may fail.
    If you merge a Physiqued mesh from a 3ds max file without its biped, the program may fail. The workaround is to merge the mesh and the biped, remove the Physique modifier from the mesh, and then delete the biped.
    Any objects that have scaled bipeds or bone structures that were scaled with any versions of Physique prior to version 3.11 may need to be manually reinitialized in version 4.1.

    If you are running character studio 4.1 under an unsupported operating systems such as Windows98, opening the motion flow files (.MFE) provided for tutorials can create an unstable environment.
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    И только под МАХ 5.1
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    Только на данную минуту зарегистрировать ЭТИМ (или тем) кейгеном ЧС 4.1 мне не удалось :(
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    заменил файл.. теперь там есть и сетевая лиценция которая у меня и заработала.. а stand alone для character studio 3.4 только подходит.
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