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Bonus Tools for 3.0 20040402

Тема в разделе "Rhino", создана пользователем -, 1 май 2004.

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    Bonus Tools for 3.0 2004_04_02 --> 7.88 Mb


    AutoCAD v2004 import/export - Open/import and save AutoCAD v2004 files in addition to previous versions. Also now reads ACIS solids.
    Geomview import - Imports Geomview .OFF meshes.
    GHS (General Hydrostatics) import/export - Exports and imports General Hydrostatics (GHS) geometry and part maker files.
    GTS import - Import GNU Triangulated Surface (GTS) files.
    Layout - Creates a print layout from all Rhino viewports in the Rhino window.
    PDF import - Imports PDF and Adobe Illustrator 8+ files
    Print 3-D - If you have 3-D printer installed on your system, this plug-in lets you print directly the file format required for your printer. A Print 3-D menu item is added to Rhino's File menu, and your printer will display in the list. Currently supported systems include:
    3-D Systems
    Delft Spline Systems DeskProto
    Roland MODELA Player
    Z Corp

    CopyToLayer - Copies selected objects to a new layer.
    LayerStateManager - Saves and restores the states of layers.

    UPlane - Universal construction plane utility.
    AdvancedDisplay - more than 25 new display options
    Gradient View - Set a viewport's background to a gradient color.
    MoveTargetToObjects - Moves a viewport's target position to the center of the bounding box of selected objects.
    OrientCameraToSrf - Moves a viewport's camera and target locations to match a selected surface normal.

    AnnotateCrvEndPoints - Annotates the end points of curves..
    ModifyRadius - Modifies the radius of an arc or circle.
    ClosePolylines - Closes open polylines.
    OpenPolyline - Opens a closed polyline.
    ContourCrv - Create contour points through curves.
    SectionCrv - Create section points through curves.
    CreateUVCrvOnSrf - Creates UV curves from surface and curves on surface.
    DupFaceBorder - Duplicates the border of surfaces and faces.
    ExtractSubCrv - Extracts a subcurve from a polycurve.
    CurveArea - Display the area enclosed by a closed planar curve.
    CurveLength - Find the length of one or more curves.
    BlendCrv - Create a blend curve between curves and/or surface edges. Gives a preview of the curves and allows adjusting before the curve is made.
    CurveBoolean - Boolean curves

    InsertPoints - Inserts curve and surface control points.
    RemovePoints - Removes curve and surface control points.
    Fin - Extrude curve normal to surface.
    VariableOffsetSrf - Make variable offsets of surfaces.

    FoldFace - Folds a face or faces.
    MoveEdge - Move the edge(s) of a solid or polysurface.
    MoveHole - Move a hole in a surface, polysurface, or solid.
    MoveSide - Move a planer surface in a polysurface or solid.
    MakeHole - Create a hole in a polysurface.
    MergeAllFaces - Merge all co-planar faces of a polysurface into one face.
    MergeFace - Merge two co-planar faces in a solid into one face
    RotateEdge - Rotate edges of polysurfaces around an axis with angle or reference points.
    RotateFace - Rotate faces of polysurfaces around an axis with angle or reference points.
    ScaleEdge - Scale the edges of a planar surface.
    Slab - Creates a solid from polyline
    SplitFace - Split a planar face of a polysurface with a curve.
    StraightenPolysurface - Repair utility to straightens a slightly kinked polysurface. Can be useful when an edge fillet does not work.
    UnionFaces - Extract the merged union of selected faces.

    ApplyMeshUVN - Wraps meshes and points onto a surface based on the surface u- and v-coordinates.
    CollapseMeshEdge - Collapses a mesh edge to a mesh vertex.
    CollapseMeshFace - Collapses a mesh face to a mesh vertex.
    DeleteMeshFace - Deletes mesh faces.
    ExtractConnectedMeshFaces - Extracts faces that are connected to a selected face by defining the break angle between two connected faces.
    ExtractMeshFacesByArea - Extracts faces within a specified range of area.
    ExtractMeshFaceDraftAngle - Extracts faces within a specified upper and lower draft angle based on a view. Lets you extract features and split a mesh.
    ExtractMeshFacesByEdgeLength - Extracts faces within a specified range of edge length.
    MeshFromPoints - Creates a mesh from selected points or point cloud.
    MeshHeightfield - Creates a mesh based on the color values in a bitmap.
    SplitMeshEdge - Splits a face edge at a point.
    SwapMeshEdge - Swaps the corners of triangles that share the edge.


    Align - Aligns objects by their bounding boxes.
    OrientOnCrv - Orients objects on a curve.

    Alerter - Sound an alert when a command finishes. Adds an option to perform an operation if a specified command takes longer than a user-specified duration.
    MacroEditor - Toolbar button macro editor.
    Hyperlink - Attach web site URLs to objects.
    Purge - Delete unused block definitions and layers.
    RhinoMail - Sent email via SMTP from within Rhino.
    RhinoScript - Replaces the RhinoScript_m.rhp plug-in included with Rhino 3.0 SR3. If you are not running Rhino 3.0 SR3, you will need to update to the service release before using this version of RhinoScript.
    WebBrowser - Open a "stay on top" web browser window that you can read while working in Rhino.

    SetSpotlightToView - Sets a spotlight to match the viewport camera direction.
    SetViewToSpotlight - Sets the view match a spotlight direction.

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