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Anyone using BMRT here?

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    I need an older version of BMRT (2.5, 2.4 or older). I searched for it on the net without success. If anyone has an older version of it or knows where I can find one, please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated !



    P.S: Please, excuse me for using English. You can reply in Russian, if you want. I'm a Bulgarian and I can inderstand Russian, but cannot speak it. )
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    Hello Lyubomir,

    Your quest for old versions of BMRT will fail most probably. I'm not sure if I have the old version somewhere in backups, but seems to be I don't.

    The thing is that previous versions of BMRT contains the code Larry don't want to be used after he left Pixar because of some unevitable (c) issues - and because he launched Exluna. That's why he made a good work of eliminating all the traces to old BMRT versions from the Net.

    And - yeah, please use Russian. Thank you.
  3. Guest

    Устранил-то устранил, да есть еще...
    Шары в шароварах (типа).
    Пусть болгарский дядька ищет. Точно найдет :)
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