Вышла новая версия генератора ландшафтов Terragen 2.2

Terragen image sampleВышла новая вресия известного генератора ландшафтов Terragen 2.2.
Новые возможности:
- Optional wireframes in the 3D preview, with per-object/population controls
- New cloud control inputs (Altitude Offset, Depth Modulator, Final Density Modulator), allowing significantly greater cloud shape control and special effects like "clouds follow terrain"
- Cloud localization, allowing explicit controls for constraining cloud layers to a specific size and location, as well as click-and-drag repositioning on all axis; localized clouds are faster to render
- Raytraced atmosphere option, resulting in faster and lower noise atmosphere rendering in many cases
- Cloud shadow maps, offering an additional rendering speed boost for localized clouds
- Improved quality of soft shadows
- New option "anisotropic enviro light" in atmosphere and clouds allows more accurate light scattering simulation
- GI prepass padding (similar to ray detail region padding, but for GI samples), helps address issues with GI mismatch at crop and frame edge boundaries
- Bucket rendering controls for adjusting the size of rendering tiles, which can affect rendering speed and efficiency
- Light source falloff distance controls added
- Render viewer can show RGBA channels separately and alpha can be saved from render view
- Added Rule of Thirds composition guides to 3D Preview

Автор: dimson3d
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