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Aleksandar Pocuc 11 0
"Vladwww" those are my models 80% and i gave them in evermotion, i supose that you pick them there ;-)
and i am glad that you like them :-)

well, if you decide to come to serbia, just come i will show you the country :-)
Vladwww 1 0
If it yours models thank you
I used them in my past projects
Hello from Russia
I dream to visit Serbia somewhere in future
монгол 79 0
Not absolutely successful test of light. If you used VRay adjustments could be established much more strongly. But the wum tank and materials have liked. Successes!
Valery_R 72 0
the pic instead of mirror looks funny, really =)
but not very comfortable to use.. specially every morning - i will kill myself in a week if the first thing i see when get up gona be a Dali picture.. the second one to die will be a flower - cause somebody will crash it for sure when taking a toothbrush =)))

i like the models and materials of small stuff around
but lamps seem to appear huge in here..
anyway - test is successful =)
good luck
Aleksandar Pocuc 11 0
come on guys.... its a light test.... can anyone say some nice words?

Денис Хотин 198 0
Луганский выдал...
Luganskiy 7 0
i don't understand your idea/ i agree with [[Shad0w]] , who said, that it's all too much of models/ no theme/

fuck them all!!!
Aleksandar Pocuc 11 0
hm... i dont speak russian very well... i am from serbia... and i know a little russian, enough to understand but not enough to respond,
so it will be in english,
i didnt mean to say anything with this image, it has no message, as i said just an light test, and i thought that would be interesting to put painting instead of mirror :-)

thanks for comments, brother russians :-)
Денис Хотин 198 0
Интересно. Что ты этим хотел сказать? Каждое утро посмотре в зеркало мы говорим: "О боже"...
Тебе пять лет? Неплохо!
[[Shad0w]] 205 0
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