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    Russia - Saint-Petersburg
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    Санкт-Петербург, Киевская ул., д. 5, ДЦ "Энерго"
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    Вакансии: 4 (посмотреть)
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    • Графика для игр
    • 3D Анимационные проекты
    • Программное обеспечение
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    Do you have a passion for playing games? Would you like to develop great game products that are sold around the world? Then you should consider joining Sperasoft creative team! We are engineers, artists, designers and other game dev. professionals with one collective goal: to deliver great games and to become the best at what we do! We work with some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the industry such as Electronic Arts, BioWare, Sony Entertainment. We bring the best specialists on board and create a great working atmosphere to keep people motivated, happy and productive. We work as a team where everyone’s opinion is heard and creative input is always appreciated. We share knowledge and ideas to get the most out of our work processes. Strong ethic and communication skills, honesty and openness are something we are proud of. Join our team and start working on cool projects that will skyrocket your career in game development in the right direction!
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