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Creating Glass Shatter Effect using Maya nCloth

In this tutorial we will explore using Maya ncloth to create Glass Shattering Effect.


Step : 1 - Let’s start by creating a polygonal plane with the default setting

Step : 2 - Using the cut face tool cut the plane randomly,

Depending on the chunks you need…something like this

Step : 3 - Select the Plane , Polygon -->Mesh -->Triangulate

Next, select all the Edges & detach component, Edit Mesh -->Detach Component.

With this all the vertex / edges will be spiltted

Step : 4 - Select the Plane and make it a nCloth Mesh. Then,
nDynamics --> nMesh --> Create nCloth

by doing, nclothShape node and nucleus node will be created for the Plane.

In the nucleus node, set the gravity value to '0'.

Step 5 : - Extrude the plane by selecting all the face, to make it thicker like a glass material

Step :6 - Create a Sphere and make it a Passive Collider

 Next Translate in Y : 1 and set  a Key  at frame 1

At frame 24 set key to Translate Y : -1
Now the sphere is animated in Y direction.
Before playing the animation ,select both the objects , create New  ncache

Ncache --> create New  ncache

That’s it… 
Play the animation…use mental ray dielectric Material as a glass shader…

Final Output :


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