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How to make a realistic Flammable Barrel

This Tutorial is a modeling tutorial of how to model a realistic flammable barrel. Like one you might see on First Person Shooter computer games.

You can purchase the final model online at the end of this tutorial, with full textures.

This is a Text and Images tutorial.

Hi Welcome to How To Make A Realistic Flammable Barrel. If you ever wanted to make a realistic flammable barrel like one in those first person shooter computer games, this is the right tutorial.


To start, create a cylinder in your perspective view port.

Parameter I used for my cylinder are here. Next Right Click on your cylinder in your modifier stack and chose Editable Poly.

Activate edge mode and select all the edges around the sides of your cylinder.

Click on Connect and give your cylinder 2 Segments as seen below.

Next We want to Chamfer them so they look like the image below. I used a chamfer of 0.34 and 2 segments.

Select the middle edge of the newly chamfered edges.

Then using your scale command, scale them out so you create those edges you always see on 55 gallon barrels.

Next activate polygon mode and select both the top and bottom parts of your barrel.

Give them an Inset of 1.0.

Next click on Extrude and extrude both polygon selections in. I used a -1.2 extrusion.

Give your barrel another Inset, of 1.0

And one more, this time give it a 10.15 Inset.

Next this part, is where you decide if your barrel you are making is going to be for a computer game or an animation. If you are going to use this barrel for a computer game then you do not need these extra edges. For an animation you can put these extra edges in to help keep your texture looking good when you apply turbo smooth.

This tutorial is to make a realistic looking barrel for animation, so I am going to add turbo smooth to my model.

TurboSmoothed Model.

Next apply the Unwrap UVW modifier. Click on your modifier stack and press U on your keyboard. Next activate your modifier and click on Face, then click Select By Element and then click on your barrel to select the whole thing and then click on Edit.

In edit you should see a screen like this.

Click on Mapping at the top of your edit screen and chose Normal Mapping. Next chose Box Mapping.

You should get something like this. The 1 2 3 4 sequence is the order you will need to arrange your mapping.

To make your mapping and selection easier check Select Element.

Arrange your mapping as seen here. Starting at one side of your barrel and working in an anti clockwise pattern, or you can go the other way, just make sure each side fits closely together to its neighbor side.

After you are finished with mapping Click on Tools, then Render UVW Template. Give your texture a with of your choosing. I am going to use 4000X4000 px because my barrel is for an animation. If you are making your barrel for a computer game you could chose 512X512 or 256X256.

After you are finished, click Render UV Template

Save your template in your template directory.

Next Open Photoshop or your favorite photo editing software. Bring in your newly created template, then click on your magic want selection tool and click on an empty black space on your map.

Next click on Select in your menu and click Inverse. This will make your selection inverted. Next copy and paste your new selection, if you turn off your background layer you should see your new selection. it will be like a cutout.

Create a new layer between your cutout layer and your original layer. Call it BG and give it a color. I like mine to be a light brown.

Next go to "my3dtextures.com" web site is where I get all my textures from, they are all free to use for any kind of 3D or Photoshop project.

Go to Metal and then chose Rusted Metal and then download your textures.

These are the textures I chose.

Bring Metal_011 into Photoshop. Pressing ALT on your keyboard and A will select everything. Then click copy or CTRL C

Paste your selection on your texture. Activate FREE Transform and stretch your texture to fit 1/4th of your texture, as seen here. Next hold down ALT and drag your new texture up to create a new layer copy. Or just copy and paste your texture again. Arrange it above your first texture as seen here.

Click Edit then Transform and then Flip Vertical so your new texture aligns up perfectly with your old texture as seen on the text page.

Keep on copying and pasting the texture until you get something like this. Remember to use flip vertical to align them up correctly.

Once you have your new layers. Select all of your textures and right click on them. Choose Merge Down to create one single texture.

Do the same process you just did for your first texture. To your second texture.

When you are finished with your second texture chose Overlay as its blending option.

Your result should look like this.

Next texture.

Before we copy and align this one, click on Image on your menu and chose Adjustments, then Desaturate.

Next do the same texture process as before. This time use Multiply as your blending option.

Next texture we need to desaturate it also.

After desaturation, chose Adjustments and then Exposure. Give your texture and exposure of +1.06 and a Gamma correction of 0.61.

This time when you create your texture, do not stretch it to the full size of your template. Make it along the inside of your texture as seen here.

Next turn off all your textures so you can see your template again. Make a new selection with your rectangle selection tool, as seen here. try to keep your selection in between your two ridges you created on your barrel.

Next click on Select on your menu and then Inverse. Turn on your textures once again and Select your newest texture, the white middle texture and press Delete when your selection is active. Your selection should cut away all extra parts of your new texture, only leaving the middle part.

This new texture, we will want to select only part of it. Click on select on your menu and then click Color Range.

In Color Range click the eye dropper and click on the blue part of your texture. Set your Fuzziness to 96 and press OK. Next copy and paste your new selection into your texture.

Copy and paste four times like the image below. When finished select all your new texture layers and right click them and Merge them together.

Next while your new texture layer is selected. hold down CTRL and then click on it to select your new texture as seen below.

Next uncheck your new texture layer and then select your white layer, next you want to hit Delete on your keyboard using your previous selection to delete parts of your new white texture.

So to give our new texture some randomness you can use the clone tool. Click the clone tool and click once on your white texture while holding down ALT to pick a selection, Next start clicking along the border of your texture to give it a bit of randomness.

You can do this to your bottom texture also, then when you are finished combine all your bottom textures into one texture, buy merging them.

Your new texture after randomizing it should look something like this.

Duplicate your new texture and move it over to cover the two round top parts of your barrel for the lid and bottom parts as seen below.

With your new texture selected Hold down CTRL and click on your cutout layer to make a new selection. then click on select in your menu and chose Inverse.

Delete the extra texture and you should have something like this.

For creating our Flammable liable you could create that yourself very easily, but I am just going to use a previously made one to save time.

If you go to "my3dtextures.com"  you can chose signs and Labels and then chose signs and download the flammable texture needed. Or "my3dtextures.com/pages/signs.html"  to go directly to the page.

Once you have copied your texture into your Photo editing software, Transform and Rotate it to point up towards the top of your barrel as seen below.

Next to arrange your new liable turn off all your textures so you can view your cutout and then copy and place both textures at opposite sides of your barrel as seen here.

Combine your two textures and turn on all your textures. Change the blending option of your new texture to Overlay.

To finalize our texture lets create one more texture as seen below.

Move this new texture in between the white and label textures. Change the blending option to Overlay.

Finely Save your texture as a JPG or PNG or your favorite format.

Go back into 3DS Max and open up your Material editor. Select a blank texture slot and click on the diffuse button.

Next chose Bitmap and Select your new texture you created.

Back in your Material editor click on Display in view port button and then apply your texture to your barrel.

 Final Render


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