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How to Create Engraved Text in Max 2011, by Mohammed Al khatib

Step one: setting up the scene

First, I started by creating a grenade model, not much of a detailed model, but good enough for our tutorial, then added a bright gray texture on the plane under the grenade… and for the lightning, I added a sky light, and a “mr sky portal” above the model, and I gave the skylight the color of the HDRI image I added as a background.

the grenade, plane, skylight, mr sky portal…

Step two (Part A): Texturing the body of the grenade

What we basically want to do is to texture the body of the grenade, so reopen the material editor, and make sure it is the slate material editor and NOT the compact one.

Add the blend material, the blend material allows you to combine 2 materials to produce a new one.

A blend material

For “Material 1” add another blend material.

Now add another “blend” material.

That is because, we want “Material 1” for the second blend material to have the metal texture with the bump on it that will give us the “engraved” look of the metal. While “Material 2” of the second blend material will give the engraved area of the metal texture a color (I will use the yellow color)

blend material connected to another blend material

Now add a “Gunmetal” material to “Material 1” in the second blend material, open the settings of the “Gunmetal” and set the following parameters:

  • Glossiness:100%
  • Reflectivity-direct:0.1%
  • Reflectivity-oblique:100%

Gun metal material

Now add a “Mix” map in the “Bump-image” area, and make the mix amount set to 50% but first make sure to check “enable” in the “bump” rollout of the “gunmetal” parameters.

If you increased the bump “amount” you will have a denser look of the engraved text and the dents.

We will use the Mix map so we could bind the dents and scratches on the body of the grenade with the engraved text.

Mix material

Add in “Color 1” “THE” bump map that will be used as engraved text text.

Now for the bump map, I created an image of my own by also using 3Ds Max… here is what I did in short:

I made a white self-illuminating plane, and I made a “text” spline, I extruded it with 0.1%, and added a black self-illuminating color for he text, I also used an opacity map to create the “weathered” or “scratched” areas of the text, I also rendered the image from the “Top” view…

You can use my bump map:

My custom made bump map

Now for “color 2” in the Mix map, add a “noise” map (which will be used as dents) with the following parameters:

  • type: fractal
  • high: 0.355
  • low: 0.0
  • levels: 3
  • size: 2.1

>noise parameters

Now go back to the SECOND blend material, and add a “Standard” map with the following RGB color (212,214,58)

a standard map in the second blend material

Now add another copy of the “Rex 55” bump map to the “opacity” map in the standard map parameters. Now open the parameters of the opacity map and go down to the “Output” rollout and check “Invert”

That is because we want that yellow color to be applied only to the engraved text, and not the whole bomb

Opacity map of the standard material

Now copy that “inverted” map of the bump image, and add it to the “mask” area in the SECOND “Blend” material.

That is done to limit the transparency of the whole texture because of “Material 2” in the mix map

The inverted bump map used as a «Mask»

FINALLY!!! we are now done with “Material 1” of the first and main blend material

First main material

Step two (Part B): Texturing the body of the grenade

We are going to add another texture “tree” to “material 2” in the MAIN blend material, that is so we could add more depth and detail to the dents and scratches, also the engraved text.

NOW add a standard map to “Material 2” in the MAIN blend material. add a noise texture to the “Opacity map” with the following parameters:

  • type: fractal
  • high: 0.355
  • low: 0.0
  • levels: 3
  • size: 2.1

After that, copy the same noise map to the “bump” map

standard map for bump details

Step two (Part C): Texturing the body of the grenade

Now that was fast wasn't it?

OK copy that same old noise map to the “Mask” map of the first and MAIN blend material

Same noise map used as Mask for MAIN blend material

Step 3: Rendering the scene

Now apply the first main blend material to the grenade body… and render the image

The final output

Quick revision

For those of you that got confused from all those steps and just couldn't catch up, well you still got hope… :P

Tree final output

Website: www.wix.com/redcobra/mohammed-al-khatib-portfoilio
E-mail: beatsalize@gmail.com

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